Significance of Inner Cleanliness

Salty and Sugary were not only ants, they were both very close friends with different eating habits. Sugary lived on a mountain of sugar and ate sugar. Likewise Salty lived on Salt Mountain and ate salt. Sugary felt bad for his friend Salty who had never tasted the sweetness of sugar, so Sugary invited Salty over for dinner.

But when Salty was about to leave for dinner, he became scared not knowing how sugar would taste. Salty thought maybe he should bring his own food with him, just in case the sugar tasted bad and he didn't want to eat it, so he filled his mouth with salt to bring with him.

When Salty arrived at the mountain of sugar he noticed that it looked just the same as his own mountain of salt, and upon his arrival he was welcomed with great respect by Sugary. They both shared about what had happened in their lives recently, eventually leading up to Sugary bringing in some sugar to share.

What do you think of the sugar, Sugary asked?

Salty replied It's not as good as salt.

Sugary was confused because he knew how good sugar tasted, and after inspecting the sugar, he determined that maybe Salty had a little bit of salt left over in his mouth. Sugary looked in Salty's mouth and saw a pile of salt so large that it made it impossible for Salty to even taste the sugar!

Sugary wasn't upset, he just wanted to share this wonderful gift with Salty, and he asked Salty to clean out his mouth. Salty cleaned it as pure as could be, and then Sugary gave him some new sugar to taste. Immediately, Salty was amazed at how good the sugar tasted, and could not believe that he had never experienced this before in his entire life. It was so good, in fact, that Salty asked if he could move to the mountain of sugar and live with his friend from then on. Being the wonderful friend that he is, Sugary agreed.

From then on, they lived together with happiness and harmony.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has been on a path of spirituality for several decades, and in June 1985 he decided to devote his life to the Brahma Kumaries international Institution for the service of humanity. He has traveled to many countries to organize exhibitions, campaigns, rallies and fairs about different inner change topics. He has written spiritual stories, translated spiritual books, written spiritual songs, and recorded meditation audios.

He has received medals and other awards from His Majesty, then King Birendra Bir Birkam Shah Dev of Nepal, for his contributions in social services and moral uplifting of the people. He has had His majesty the Kings, Queens and other royal family members of Nepal present at his services.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has also met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sri-Sri 1008 Shankaracharya, Mahamandleshwars The Secretary General of United States, as well as Prime Ministers, Speakers of both the houses, Chief Justices and other Ministers of India and Nepal.

He continues to provide his services at Brahma Kumaries Shanti Sarovar, Academy for a Better World in Hyderabad, South India, and maintains his strong interest in meditation, studying spiritual knowledge, and sharing experiences of deep spirituality through correspondence and other means.

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