Kind Heart for Mutual Love

There once were two brothers in a place staying in the joint family. Among them elder was married, having his one son and a daughter. However the younger brother was a bachelor not having any family with him. Both of them used to work hard in farming to earn their livelihood. They used to divide equally their produced grains and other incomes whatever they got from the seasonal crops. This way their happy life was passing smoothly without any tension.

One day elder brother felt some care about his brother. He started to think about his younger brother future before his sleep. He thought he has no any family and child, is alone. Now he is passing his life young life god way. However in the retired life, it would be more problematic for him. He is now fulfilling all his day-to-day needs from his yearly earnings. In retired life who would be helping him. He will need money for his day to need and other health care etc. Therefore he should have some balanced money to expend in his earning less future. For this he has to make some balance in his account from now then that would be possible to make easy future.

We both have system to dividing equal division from our earnings. This is not being right judgment for him. He has his own family they will also help him in his retired life. However his younger brother would be supporting less in his aged weak condition. This way the care of his younger brother really worried him so much and he could not get slept till 12:00-0-clock mid night. Lastly he opened his store house and took few shakes of grains stored in the younger brother's store. After storing surplus grains in the brother's storehouse he felt pleasure. Thus being carefree about his future he slept well.

Other side in the same way, the younger brother was also thinking about his elder brother, how he would be managing his financial condition to provide all facilities for his whole family of four members. We have divided in two equal parts of our earnings from our beginning train. However he was now having responsible of the whole family.

He used to receive the division of fifty from their yearly earnings of farming. He thought he was single and needed less money to pass his livelihood being a single person. He remarked that he was not doing righteous judgment for his elder brother. This way the care of his elder brother disturbed his sleep and could not slept till mid night.

At last he decided he would take some immediate decision to solve this problem of his financial condition. He then opened his store house and took some shakes of gains from there and stored in the elder bother's store. He felt then relaxed and got sleep easily.

Next morning both of them were finding some surplus grains shakes in their store Houses.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has been on a path of spirituality for several decades, and in June 1985 he decided to devote his life to the Brahma Kumaries international Institution for the service of humanity. He has traveled to many countries to organize exhibitions, campaigns, rallies and fairs about different inner change topics. He has written spiritual stories, translated spiritual books, written spiritual songs, and recorded meditation audios.

He has received medals and other awards from His Majesty, then King Birendra Bir Birkam Shah Dev of Nepal, for his contributions in social services and moral uplifting of the people. He has had His majesty the Kings, Queens and other royal family members of Nepal present at his services.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has also met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sri-Sri 1008 Shankaracharya, Mahamandleshwars The Secretary General of United States, as well as Prime Ministers, Speakers of both the houses, Chief Justices and other Ministers of India and Nepal.

He continues to provide his services at Brahma Kumaries Shanti Sarovar, Academy for a Better World in Hyderabad, South India, and maintains his strong interest in meditation, studying spiritual knowledge, and sharing experiences of deep spirituality through correspondence and other means.

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