The Powerful Wizards of Chattatook

Truth is the source of all power. It is the foundation from which all exist. Since lies are the absence of truth, power does not exist, without the presence of truth.

How do leaders who do evil stay in power. The people, being evil themselves, choose their leaders after their own image and being apathetic to their lies and afraid of change, they continue with them.

But there are those, who have the power to change evil in this world.

Our story begins, in the sleepy land of Chattatook.

Every four years, the king of the land of Chattatook, had his subjects stand and be counted on the day appointed, to re-affirm or reject him as king. But the king was such a liar, that he sought out evil wizards to employ, the most dishonest and deceptive ways, to sway his sometimes loyal subjects, into re-affirming him as king, for the day of decision was fast approaching.

When it appeared that the king would be re-affirmed as expected, certain women in the land, began to meet and discuss, how they could rid themselves of this wicked king. They sought out the most insightful person in all the land, The Wizard of Chattatook. He lived near the great gorge, in a tower overlooking a breathtaking view, high above a beautiful waterfall.

When they reached the gorge, the women pleaded with the great wizard for the secrets of power, to rid themselves of their present evil. What he told them, surprised them.

He told them that everyone everywhere were engaged in a battle against evil and although most people chose compromise, that there were some, who would fight and fight hard, to defeat those who chose to do evil.

He told them that they must increase the light in their own souls, in order to defeat the dark works of their enemies. They must strip the lies from their own heart, one lie and false premise at a time, until they were free of their own sins, then they could apply truth to repair their souls.

And so they did, during the next few months they did just that. Soon they were ready to speak against the evil king and make their case in public.

But now, unlike in the past, people heard them, really heard them.

Before their transformation, they were like every other person who talked in the land of Chattatook. It was like noise that most people never listened to, only acknowledged.

But now, their voices touched the souls of every person that heard them and most importantly, they were believed.

Those women changed a lot of minds before the day apponted, enough to cause the king to lose the vote of re-affirmation and step down as king.

The deception of the king was now apparent to all those who could see, thanks to those women, who did the work of sanctifying their own hearts, before telling other people what to do.

Now, the women are considered wizards in their own right, because now … they have the power.

This spiritual story was written by Mark Edgemon who has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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