The Spiritual TV Game Show – A Spiritual Story by Larry McNeeley

I believe I have come upon a wonderful idea for a new reality TV game show. It will be called, “Nothing.” The object of the game is to wind up with nothing. Maybe I could shave my head, put in an earring or two, and host the show. On second thought, I would rather be a contestant. Actually, I have another idea for a “host.” He would always be off-camera; the contestants would only hear his voice.

This show would be “open” to everyone; no age limit, no tryouts, no pre-screening of contestants; everyone would be eligible to play. There would be no flashing lights, buzzers, curtains to look behind, no pretty girls to co-host or open boxes, no band playing, and no studio audience. Players must be ready and willing to lose all their money and material possessions. Whoever winds up with nothing is the winner. There is no real time limit on the show; it ends when you do.

As you can see, this show is a little different than most game shows. It might even be a little difficult to find enough willing participants to play. But please, dear brother and dear sister; let's play this game together. Please forgive me; I haven't even told you about the Grand Prize. There will be multiple winners, and the Grand Prize will be eternal peace and joy!

Larry McNeeley is a 56 year old beginning writer of spiritually based or themed short stories and articles.

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