Review of a Great Movie

Hi! I am compelled to write a review of a movie I can't stop watching. It's a great movie with such a huge star cast, such a huge and beautiful stage and such a great story that I have to give it 5 stars.

As you know, the heart of a movie is its story. The story of this movie is so complex yet so simple, full of emotions, full of action, full of mystery, full of love, full of violence, full of science fiction, full of… well there is nothing that is not there in this movie.

The director seems to be very creative, very original and very intelligent. I can't believe how he can interweave such diverse subjects, such a huge star cast and such a huge set so nicely. All actors have acted so well, it seems they enter completely into the heart of the character they are playing. The set design is so wonderful, sometimes it is difficult whether to watch the drama or just get lost into the beautiful sets…

The director himself is the producer and has invested a huge amount out of his own pocket in financing the film. No one can believe it's a one man show, but it is! The director is also the producer, the story writer, the set designer, the lyricist, the sound designer, the editor… well almost everything except acting!

The movie is so mesmerizing I can't stop watching it… hey… I think I saw you in the movie! You have a pretty big role in it! How can you act so well… when you know deep down you are not that character? I mean, look at you. Deep within you are so beautiful… so powerful… so intelligent… yet you are acting so well in the role of a powerless, less intelligent and ‘lost' character who doesn't even know who he is! It's really great.

But, it seems you are sucked into it. You have been acting since.. I can't even remember your entry. What? You are thinking about the movie name? Oh! I thought you know the movie name as you are acting in it! It's called… well it's all around you… don't pretend, I know you know it.

Hey, come out of the movie… I know acting is fun… but believe me sitting in audience and watching the movie is much more fun…!

I have just asked the director to cut my role and let me enjoy it sitting in audience! He just showed me a trick. Guess what? I can do both at a time. Act as well as observe it simultaneously. All you have to do is… well you know it in your heart!

It's real fun. Come on board, buddy!

Amitt Parikh is the founder of Spiritual Science and Research Foundation and Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution e-magazine. He is also Director of an IT company, Parikh Infosys P. Limited, specializing in IT enabled services and author of Understanding Money, Relax and Get More Marks in Exams and also Chetna no Vikas (a Gujarati translation of Freedom of Choice). He has written several short stories and poems.

He also conducts transformative workshops and one-to-one discussions aimed at the spiritual (r)evolution of participants.

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