What’s In A Name?

What's in a name I ask you, save for vanity, sin and conceit?
Consider the story of Gods servant, when at the end of life's retreat:

The disciple of the Lord was standing, before the officers of the court.
They asked him quite in earnest, “What is the name of the one who reports?”
The disciple answered quite simply, “I am a Child of the Lord.”

The officers were taken aback suddenly, by the unexpected retort,
They asked again of the servant, the name of the one who stands before court.
The servant triumphantly answered, “I am brother to the son of my Lord”

The Judge of the court stood dismayed,
He couldn't fathom the heresy's this man said.
He asked again quite firmly, “Sir, I demand you tell me your name!”

The servant stood up tall, straightening to his full height.
He saw the beginning of his long journey; it would last throughout the night.
“Sir,” he said, “I tell you sincerely, I am a child of the light.”

The magistrate asked him again, he was feeling a bit bemused
“Sir, What is your name, I command you?!”
The servant answered, “I am he who follows after his shoes”

The magistrate now is in ire,
Threatening the man with fire
The man says to the host, “Tonight, I bow at the feet of my sire.”

The officer is getting confused, why does this man resist so?
All for the name of the man from the gallows
He will forfeit his soul.

“Sir” The judge says “I beseech you.” What is your name, I beg”
The man looks into the eyes of the judge on the bench and says,
“Sir, what's in a name?”

“It is for my name you earnestly implore,
I am but a humble servant of the Lord.
You asked me in earnest and I do not lie, for me there is nothing more.”

This story was written by Michell Heim.

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