Baby Reg Blues

I now realize why I'd been putting off really working on my baby registry – the thought of having to do it alone was enough to make me “procrastinate.”

When I finished reading my email about my mother-in-law wanting to set up a bridal shower for me in Columbia I figured it was time I get my butt into gear. She, after all, had gone to Babies R Us 2-3 times to my not having gone yet. I'd at least set up the registry online, but there's only so much you can select online before you just have to go into the store and see some of the stuff for yourself. I decided that today I would go ahead and put a pretty good dent into the things that our little one would need.

I stood in the store thinking to myself – how can I do all of this? What exactly am I looking for? Will my motherly instincts kick in and just guide me to the things I need? Who can I call for help? I stood in front of breast pumps just confused and sad. I wished that my Mother was here – she could give me *some* sort of guidance, yanno? *sigh*

Then a woman stood next to me, her tummy slightly bigger than mine, and we just stood there staring at the breast pumps. She was working on her registry too. “Get the electric one”, she said. “That way you can even pump in your sleep!”. We died laughing.

Her name was Jennifer. Come to find out she's from Scherillville, IN (right next to Merrillville- my home town). She graduated from Ball State in Muncie, IN. She had a 3rd old and they were working on their second child. I thought to myself – this is my Mother trying to be there for me. “Don't be afraid to ask me questions”, she said. “I'd be glad to help”.

We spent 2 hours in there, walking around, she explaining things to me, laughing along the way. At times my motherly light would come on and I'd get it. Other times I'd be so lost, and she was a lifesaver. I know that her suggestions were all her opinions, but they made sense logically and so I'd go for it. We even got excited at all of the little clothes and whatnot. 🙂

Sometimes God puts someone in your life for a very short time. They come, do what they need to do, and just like that, they're gone. I thanked God and my Mother for Jennifer today. She didn't have to do anything. When it was over, I just stood there, somewhat sad about it all. I thanked her many times for helping me. I wished her the best, and then I left.

I get this feeling that I'll see her again.

This spiritual short story written by Iona Wilson highlights the synchronicities in life.

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