Oh Deer

Jake was looking forward to the semi-annual church deer hunt a week from Saturday. He was planning to take his 12-year-old son Bo and teach him how to stalk and kill a deer as a right of passage to becoming a man. He wanted to show him how to look into the deer's eyes and see the fear right before the kill. This was an experience he had been waiting to share with his son, like his father before him had shared this same experience with Jake.

What was even better, this deer hunt was supported by his church. This would be far better than deer hunts with the red neck heathens he used to hang around with. This church sponsored deer hunt would be without cussing, chewing tobacco or drinking … well, at least no drinking. And … they would pray first, so God has to like that.

Well the day had finally arrived and all the hunters had just finished dedicating the hunt to God in prayer. They paired up in two's and each went their own way. One thing's for sure; they would be eating deer meat tonight.

Jake paired up with his son Bo and went out to stalk their prey. Jake had bought all kinds of hunting needs, including a bottle of deer scent to attract deers. Jake used so much of it that he was covered with it.

It was still early, even though they had been stalking deer for over three hours. Jake was overly anxious, because he wanted this to be a day he would never forget. He would hate to go home empty handed.

Bo looked bored and tired and really wasn't interested in hunting. He only went along to make his dad proud of him. Jake knew this, which made him all the more anxious to bring home a deer strapped to the hood of his truck.

Finally he saw one from a distance. As he and his son approached the deer, they saw that it was a doe with a fawn by her side. This was even better. He could now strap two deers to his truck. All he had to do was wound them bad enough to bring them down, then he would just walk up and shoot them in the head. He wasn't like other hunters who were trophy hunters. He hunted deer for the sport. To see the fear in their eyes before he killed them. It made him feel God like to take their lives. Superior.

He told his son Bo to walk gently around the wooded area to the back of the deers and then run out waving his hands and yelling toward the deers, sending them in Jake's direction. Jake was ready with his double shot cross bow to cut the deers down.

Before Jake was ready, Bo came running out of the woods waving his hands and yelling toward the deers. The deers began to run in Jake's direction. He raised the cross bow quickly, jerking it accidentally and fired one of the arrows by mistake. This was his big chance and he was going to blow it.

He aimed quickly and fired the other arrow right between the two deers, missing them completely. After the deers ran off into the woods he threw the cross bow to the ground and cursed. Boy he was going to let his son have it when he caught up with him.

Jake ran over to where Bo was standing. As he came closer, he saw Bo on the ground. Fear gripped him! He walked slower until he was standing over the body of his son, who had an arrow through his forehead.

Life became surreal, like this wasn't happening. He kneeled down beside his son's body. Blood was gushing out of the back of Bo's head. Oh my God, what have I done, “Jake cried”?

He gently raised his son's back, so he could now see that the arrow tip went completely through the back of his son's head and blood was pouring out on the ground, dripping on Jake's shoes. As he gently lowered his son back down, he saw … in his son's eyes, the fear that he had talked about so many times, how that a victim shows fear in their eyes before the kill.

Too bad his son wasn't there to see it!

These spiritual stories were written by Mark Edgemon who has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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