The Snake’s Head and the Snake’s Tail – A Spiritual Story

In a certain place there was a snake. One day the snake’s tail said to the snake’s head, “I should be the one to lead the way.”

The snake’s head replied, “I’ve always been the one to decide on the direction. Why do you suddenly want to do it?”

After speaking, the snake’s head continued going forward, and completely ignored the tail.

Seeing how things stood, the snake’s tail deliberately wound itself round a tree and refused to wriggle another inch. The snake’s head pulled with all its might to no avail, and they both became exhausted.

Finally, the snake’s head gave in and allowed the tail to set the course. Intensely excited, the snake’s tail thought, “At last I am the leader!”

At this moment of utter exhilaration, the snake’s tail forgot that it did not have any eyes with which to see the road ahead, and with not an inkling of what lay ahead, slid into a roadside fire-pit, and was burned alive.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!