Secrets of the Universe – A Spiritual Story by Anmol Mehta

Part 1: Totonaka the Fanatic

Monk Totonaka had just joined Nowind Monastery a few months back, and he was absolutely delighted with all the spiritual growth he had experienced there in that short time. You see for many years, prior to joining Nowind, Totonaka had worked furiously to try to awaken himself.

He had meditated night and day, and had been absolutely obsessed with enlightenment. In fact, he had pushed himself so hard, that finally he suffered a full mental and physical breakdown due to the stress and endless hours he had put his mind and body through.

It was then that he had sought out Master Blumise, who had been instrumental in not only nursing him back to health, but also helping him rapidly make progress on the path to enlightenment. Here is how Mastery Blumise had accomplished so much so fast.

You see when Totonaka joined Nowind, Master Blumise explained to him the profound Law of Reincarnation. He told Totonaka that this was one of many lives that he would live and that the work he did in this life would carry over to the next, just as the work he had done in previous incarnations were responsible for his current spiritual state. He indicated to him that there was no need to overstress his body and mind with excessive meditation practice, and that he should relax and let things take their natural course.

This advice was exactly the serum that Totonaka needed to cure his maladies. It made him relax and let go. He stopped meditating like a man possessed, which gave his body a chance to heal and recover, and he let go of his attachment to enlightenment, which allowed him to stop focusing on the future and come into the here and now. This led to Totonaka making rapid progress on the road to nirvana, and he eagerly shared this development with his best friend Junjo.

Junjo, like Totonaka was immensely interested in enlightenment as well, and when he heard how well things had worked out for Totonaka at Nowind, he too decided to join the monastery. Junjo’s problems though, were opposite of Totonaka’s. He was one lazy monk. He would meditate off and on, and indulge in all the sensory pleasures he could get his hands and body on. As a result, his body was bloated, his mind dull and his spiritual progress stalled.

Part 2: Junjo the Lazy

Here is how the conversation between Master Blumise and Junjo went.

Junjo! yelled Master Blumise.

Yes Master, came the delayed response, irritating an already agitated Blumise further.

I don’t know where you learned this nonsense, but there is no such thing as reincarnation, soul, higher self, and the rest of that mambo jumbo rubbish! You get but one crack at this life and if you screw it up, that is it. There are no second chances. Either you get your act together and awaken, or you lie on your death bed and lament wasting this most precious of opportunities, blasted Master Blumise.

But, master, you told Totonaka … Junjo tried to argue.

Shut up! It is all lies. There is no reincarnation and being lazy and wasting this life is the greatest sin you can commit, Blumise interrupted harshly. And that was the end of that. The transformation of Junjo was as remarkable as that of Totonaka. He too in a few short months, got his body and mind in shape by ending his indulgent ways, and made enormous spiritual progress by meditation regularly, intensely and seriously.

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