The Righteous King – A Zen Buddhist Spiritual Story

The king of a very prosperous kingdom was actually the Bodhisattva. However, as time passed, diseases, untimely deaths, floods and other calamities began plaguing his empire. The king became very worried and called an urgent meeting of his ministers and head priests.

“Sir, we feel the gods and unhappy with us,” suggested a minister.

“In that case we must organize a grand ritual and sacrifice a hundred lambs to appease them,” declared the head priest.

Everybody, except the king, at once welcomed this idea of a sacrificial ceremony. “I do not want to bring happiness to my kingdom by slaughtering animals!” the king protested.

“But Sir, as a king you must do everything possible to keep your subjects happy,” urged a minister.

“I will not spill innocent blood for the sake of happiness, as that would mean committing sin!” the king replied firmly. “Only with peace, love and a righteous rule will I appease the gods!” he declared.

And rightly so, within a few days, the diseases and deaths ceased and peace and prosperity was once again restored to the kingdom.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!