Right and Wrong

Once upon a time, there lived a green frog. One day some fishermen came to the lake where he lived and set a wicker cage under the water to catch fish. A water snake, who was very hungry and was looking for fish to eat, came to the spot and fell inside the cage. The fish saw the snake and attacked him. Badly bitten all over, he somehow managed to escape and came to the edge of the river. Just then, the green frog came hopping by to save the fish.

Seeing the frog, the snake called out, “O wise frog, the fish you’re trying to save have attacked and tried to kill me. Tell me, were they right in doing so?”

The frog looked at the snake and said, “Of course, they were. When a fish enters your territory don’t you kill and eat it? So also the fish have attacked you when you came their way.”

The frog was actually the Bodhisattva.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!