“Revealing Love’s True Nature” – Poetic Reflections on ACIM

In “A Course In Miracles,” we learn
That love is all that's truly firm
And all the rest is but a dream
A fleeting shadow, or so it seems

Forgiveness is the key, they say
To unlocking miracles each day
It frees us from the pain we bear
And lets us rise above despair

The ego's voice can lead us astray
But with the Holy Spirit's help, we may
Transform our thoughts and see anew
The world we thought we once knew

Our brothers and our sisters all
Are but reflections of our call
To see ourselves in them as well
And in this oneness, we may dwell

The body is just a tool we use
To help us learn, and not to confuse
The truth of what we really are
Divine creations, shining like stars

In “A Course In Miracles,” we find
A path to peace, for heart and mind
A journey home, where we can rest
In the loving arms of the One that's best.