Returning Home – A Spiritual Story by Keith Beasley

The year was 2012… a period long predicted as a time of significant and positive change. The Mayans, many centuries before for example, in their much respected South American civilisation, had known that 2012 (in our western calendar) would correspond to the end of a long painful period of change. In 2012 a new world order would finally be in place, they said.

The aging man smiled peacefully, from deep within, as he took his seat on the rostrum. For the sake of tradition and effect he'd agreed to use the traditional ‘throne' although he knew it was no longer necessary as the symbol it once was.

All over the world families chose the Global Peace Channel and were able to see, hear and sense the event, as it happened. Thousands of millions more merely sensed that a small, but significant piece of the jig-saw puzzle of the new order was now firmly in place.

The date was the 12th of December… the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the 3rd millennium. A few months earlier the Dalai Lama had made his way quietly and without fuss back from his exile of over sixty years to his homeland… Tibet. His country, the land of which he was spiritual and cultural ‘leader' was finally restored to an independent country… just at the time when the super-powers, India, China, Europe and America had all finally put their hearts and money where their voices had previously been: in the United Nations and the theory of ‘one world'. It had been a long, slow, change… for the world and it's people.

The Dalai Lama reflected on his years in exile and his own lessons as he'd taught… and learnt how to live as a Buddha in human form. Tears came to his eyes as he prepared to speak. He knew that all those years of acceptance and experiencing of pain had been worthwhile. As the tears flowed he held his hands in prayer and bowed. Knowing that the eyes of the world were on him merely enabled the relief and joy to flow even more freely.

He raised his distinguished head and looked around… both proudly and with the deep humility that had marked him as one of THE great inspirations of the late 20th and early 21st century. Throughout the world all those tuned into him, in whatever way, felt he was looking at them, individually. He was. So too was he speaking to them directly. Yet no words were said. The enlightening process that he and so many other had been pursuing on the preceding decades now made words unnecessary. He and they knew they could never describe the joy and peace and sense of one-ness that so many humans now shared. His enthronement was just one small symbol of the now complete change.

Back at the turn of the century such times were but a hope. But at least then the Chinese were allowing visitors into Tibet. True, their intent was to bring in the pound and dollar to pay for their ‘standard of life' changes in the huge country. China was becoming westernised and those in power exposed to so many influences. The tide of one-ness had passed it's point of no return. There would be many changes, at all levels. Materialism and globalism still had a way to go before they burnt themselves out, but deep in the hearts of many, even then, was a new way growing and developing. Whether working to Free Tibet or find true freedom in individual minds, the critical steps had been taken. Day by day the light was dawning. The journey home was well underway.

This spiritual short story written by Keith Beasley shows how beautiful life becomes when we are are true to our selves, and that as we become one with that inner-most self, those who observe us become more respectful while expanding their own boundaries, and sometimes even they're expanding their consciousness.