A Resolved Fight – An ACIM Spiritual Story by Amanda Garbutt

Shortly after reading A Course in Miracles for the first time, I was standing on my balcony and I saw a fight break out with my one son's friend and a boy who didn't even live here but had lived in a building across from us. This boy was hurting my son's friend.

I began to pray…

At first it didn't work because the boy was still hurting my son's friend and then I saw our Superintendent's son who had always been a bully with my three children. I prayed for him to help out my son's friend but to use his fighting ways for a good purpose, and to my surprise, he went over and helped my son's friend by firmly squeezing the back of the outsider's neck.

As he did this I prayed for no overly force but to use his fighting abilities for good… he let go and the outsider left. The moral of the story is that I taught someone, through prayer, how to use his fighting abilities for good. It ended the fight with just one grip of his hand, as a result of my prayers.

This spiritual story was written by Amanda Garbutt.

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