List Your Event




With your Premium Event Listing, you get the following event features, with a link to your website:

  1. A permanent post on this website and link to your event.
  2. Listing on the Free Spiritual Growth Events Facebook page
  3. Cross-listing on our sister Facebook Pages (700,000+ combined fans)
  4. Solo email sent to our email subscriber list (1000+ subscribers)
  5. Inclusion in the Friday Weekly Digest email sent to our email subscriber list
  6. Automatic sharing with all browser notification subscribers.

After your payment is complete, we will contact you to get all the details for your event. You will be expected to provide the following information about your event:

  • Event Name
  • Date / Time
  • Link to your event
  • Description
  • A 1200×628 image we can use for the Facebook Event post

Important: We highly recommend you look at other events on our page to see how they are written, the style of FB Event images, and event descriptions. The more specific benefits your title can include, the more likely the FB algorithm will know who to put your event in front of. Please note that we cannot guarantee results from your listing.

Refund Policy: If for some reason, we don’t feel your event is a good fit for our audience then we will give you a full refund. Once your event is listed, we can make edits to it on your behalf however we will not issue any refunds.