The Power of Love – A Spiritual Story by Jane Hobbs

Once upon a time there was a monk who after 20 years, finally achieved self-realization and heard the call to write a book. He had never forgotten that as a young monk, he had been confused and upset by ponderous and misguided religious writings. One day in his despair, he vowed that when he finally understood LOVE, he would write something true, something heartfelt and something that would actually assist people in their journey.

For he felt that LOVE, although talked about, was greatly misunderstood, so he sat down to write his book. He took out the first page and right in the middle with perfect focus and concentration and a truly loving intent, he wrote the world LOVE.

Immediately, across the street, a woman put down the phone and comforted her crying child. Next door, two children gave each other a hug. Across time, a family picked up their new dog. Three thousand miles away, an unexpected wind arose and blew away the city smog.

With the same focus and concentration, with peace and sincere intent, the monk wrote LOVE in the middle of the second page.

Immediately, several blocks away, a child was conceived and a woman who had been contemplating death, decided instead, to risk truly living. Many people in the city just felt happy for no apparent reason. In the capital, an attempted by the government to cover up a scandalous misuse of money was unsuccessful.

The monk pulled out a third page and in the middle, wrote LOVE with the same feeling and intent as before.

Not far away, a woman from a dysfunctional family suddenly, effortlessly, forgave her parents and in that moment ended the cycles of pain that had dogged her family for generations. In the city, a businessman asked a depressed colleague to lunnch and a mother bent down to give her tired child a piggyback. Across the world, a rich man gave a poor man, one hundred dollars, a fortune in that country.

In the middle of the fourth page, the monk completed the writing of LOVE.

Nearby, a woman with small children chose to meditate for 5 minutes rather than let her irritation run things. A child in a coma from a car accident and not expected to live, opened her eyes. A man and woman disined to become lovers, met for the first time and a wise and gentle healer felt a tumor dissolve beneath her hands.

The monk did this 365 times, for each day of the year. He really wanted to remind people about LOVE since he’d found LOVE to be the true key to happiness and self-realization.

At first, several publishers returned his manuscript but the monk still felt it had changed the world. Naturally being the monk, he gave away copies or showed people how to write it themselves. The manuscript became so widespread and so well-known and had such an impact on people, it changed the world again.

The monk became even happier and more loving. Such is the power of LOVE.

After spending her 20’s as a journalist, publishing in Canada, the US and in Europe, Janet Hobbs’ life changed when her son experienced a miraculous healing from terminal Leukemia. This experience sent her on the path of healing and study with aboriginal and East Indian spiritual masters. For the last 15 years, Janet has had a healing practice in Vancouver and the interior of BC. Clients report emotional and physical healings.

Visit her website at http://www.thecompassionateway.com to learn more.