Passing The Test

The Bodhisattva was once born as the son of a learned Brahmin and was sent to a teacher for education as was the custom in those days. The test his students, the teacher lamented about his own poverty and asked his students to steal for him. He said, “The only way to become rich and get rid of poverty in a short time is to steal.”

All the students, except the Bodhisattva, began planning how and what they were going to steel for their teacher. The Bodhisattva sat with downcast eyes feelings ashamed of what was going on.

Seeing him, his teacher came up to him and accused him of being indifferent to his plight. At this, the Bodhisattva humbly replied that he sympathizes with him and was willing to do anything to help. But his conscience forbade him to steal as it was morally wrong.

The teacher was pleased with his reply and hugged him saying, “Well said, my son! You are indeed a virtuous soul and have passed my test.”

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!