What’s Included In the Own Your Future 2023 VIP All-Access Pass?

For those of us seeking a deeper experience, and wanting more support, the 2023 Own Your Future Challenge VIP All-Access Pass may be a good next step.

First, if you haven't already, be sure to register for the 2023 Own Your Future Challenge here. Still not sure? Click here to learn more about the challenge.

Now that you're registered, you probably saw that there was an addon opportunity to upgrade to the Own Your Future 2023 VIP All-Access Pass.

In an ideal world, a backstage pass would grant you physical access to Tony, Dan, and the other featured speakers… both during and after the event. It would also cost you many thousands of dollars, at a minimum.

However, given the virtual nature of the challenge, the VIP All Access Pass offers a unique opportunity to get closer, to interact with Tony Dean and the speakers, and to do it for a fraction of the cost (only $47).

So what do you get for $47 with the Own Your Future 2023 All-Access Pass?

When you invest in the All-Access pass, you get these seven benefits:

  1. Backstage “Zoom” Access For The Entire Event
  2. Lifetime Access to the Challenge Recordings
  3. The “Own Your Future Interactive Journal for capturing profound insights and implementing transformative actions that propel you forward.
  4. Daily Bonus Laser-Coaching Sessions: Get direct access to the speakers before the challenge activities of the day even begin for all free participants.
  5. Winning Challenge Blueprint Video Training
  6. VIP All Access Zoom Background: Enjoy this visual symbol of your profound commitment to personal growth.
  7. Provide 25 Meals to Families In Need: Each VIP All-Access Pass contributes a portion of profits to Feeding America on your behalf. Astonishingly, 67,194 meals have already been donated.

Why Upgrade to the Own Your Future All-Access VIP Pass?

Imagine the support and inspiration that awaits you as you step into the private Zoom room, where Tony, Dean, and the other speakers come together for your benefit and transformation.  You'll be on the inside with direct access on Zoom to participate (whereas non-VIP members will only be able to watch the event through Youtube and Facebook).

And while others watching will only get to see the Own Your Future Challenge Challenge while it's happening, your All-Access pass gives you ongoing access to watch the recordings anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to just review things you learned, or re-do the practices and challenge exercises so that you can benefit time and time again, the ongoing access is worth far more than the price of admission.

Further, while other people are going on with their daily lives, you'll have an hour on Zoom with the team for laser coaching. This will be an opportunity to dive deeper into the teachings, get questions answered, and further your understanding and insights.

On that note, the Interactive Journal was exclusively tailored for VIP members. With this powerful tool, you can take note of your most profound breakthroughs and organize your action items from the five-day experience. Let this journal be your guiding compass, pointing the way toward owning your future.

And with your exclusive Zoom background, while you're participating on the Own Your Future Challenge, other participants will be able to see that you're a person who is committed to the transformation of your life.

Is The Own Your Future 2023 VIP All-Access Pass Worth It?

Potentially, yes. However, that requires you to show up and use the resources made available to you. So many people buy programs, upgrades, and software that just sits around and does nothing. If you're not an action-taker who actively wants to improve the quality of your life, then this is not going to be worth your money. You're better off spending it on a movie and eating out.

However, if you are a growth-minded individual who takes action and thrives in an environment of inspiration, support, and growth, then you will likely find the VIP All-Access Pass to be not only worth it, but significantly underpriced.

For starters, just having lifetime access to the recordings lets you revisit the teachings and inspiration anytime, anyplace. You can literally be on your way to work and listening to the Challenge in the background. That is, at least while you still choose to have a job. By repeating the lessons over and over, you might just find yourself wanting to step into the world, Own Your Future, and ultimately leave your job for a life of service to others.

And though not everybody will get to ask questions during the laser-coaching, you might. In that case, you'll get direct and personal attention from one of the speakers, which could be Tony or Dean. However, make no mistake about it – even if your personal question doesn't get answered, you'll gain invaluable support and insights simply by witnessing the coaching that others experience. If you've ever been in a group coaching environment, you already know that everybody always learns and grows.

The Winning Challenge Blueprint video training is something that nobody will get access to except for VIPs. This is all about how you can make the most of this challenge and have a greater level of impact and success in your life. The only thing better than participating in the challenge is having a pre-event training that tells you exactly how to get the most from the challenge. This is a must-watch for anybody who is serious about owning their future.

Make no mistake about it, the Interactive Journal is your foundation for success. It's been studied for decades that those who journal experience a higher degree of success than those who don't. Whether it's your goals, processes, insights, or inspirations, this journal will give you a place to keep record of exactly how you, personally, are getting the most out of the Own Your Future Challenge.

And last but definitely not least, knowing that just by upgrading to the VIP All-Access pass you've already helped feed 25 families in need is a beautiful way to make a difference in the world before the challenge even begins.

So is it actually worth it?

That depends on you and whether you choose to own your future and get as much value as you possibly can from the opportunity. When you show up, play full out, and do whatever it takes to make the most of this opportunity, the value will be truly priceless.

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