Overconfidence Destroys

The Bodhisattva once came back as golden goose. Every day he flew around in search of food and on his way would perch on a palasa tree to take rest. Gradually, a strong bond developed between him and the tree spirit that lived on the palasa. One day a bird dropped a seed of a banyan tree in a crack of the palasa tree and a sapling sprang from it. The Bodhisattva noticed it and knew it could be dangerous for his friend. He immediately drew his friend’s attention to it and said, “My dear friend, destroy this sapling right now before it grows up and destroys you.” But the tree spirit brushed aside his warning saying, “What can a sapling do to me, my friend? You don’t have to worry.” The sapling soon grew up till it became so strong and heavy that it crushed the palasa tree. This the tree spirit met his end due to his overconfidence.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!