Seeds – A Zen Buddhist Spiritual Story by Osho

Once a farmer asked Buddha: “Why don’t you do something?

I cultivate the land, I create something; you simply sit under the tree with closed eyes, doing nothing. I have been watching you – people come to you, you talk to them or sometimes they sit silently by your side.

Why don’t you do something?”

The poor farmer was naturally curious; he had been watching Buddha sitting under a tree just by the side of his farm, with people coming, going, and no visible work happening.

Buddha said, “Can’t you see that I am also a farmer? Can’t you recognize me? – although my farm is of a different quality, on a different plane? I grow the crop of bliss, I sow the seeds of bliss. The people who come around and sit silently, or to whom I sometimes talk – they are my work. I am sowing seeds: seeds in people’s consciousness, seeds of bliss. In the right season they will bloom. And look into my eyes: I have bloomed, I have cultivated my inner soil, my soul; now it is full of flowers!”

And it is said that the farmer recognized him. He looked into Buddha’s eyes, surrendered to Buddha, become a sannyasin. He said, “Then I have been wasting my life unnecessarily. You are the true farmer; I am the false one.”


The Imprisoned Splendor