Yellow Umbrella – A Sufi Spiritual Story by Osho

I have heard: Mulla Nasruddin was staying in a hotel. A telegram had arrived from home and he was in a hurry to catch the train. He rushed. But when he reached downstairs and looked at his luggage the umbrella was missing.

He had to go up to the room again and by the time he reached the fourteenth floor the room had already been given to somebody else — a newlywed couple.

Although he was in a hurry and he might miss the train if he lingered there a little longer, the temptation was great. So he looked through the keyhole to see what was happening.

A newlywed couple — they were also in a hurry, they had already waited too long; the marriage ceremony and the church and the guests and all that — somehow they had got rid of all of them and they were lying naked on the

bed, talking sweet nothings. And the young man was saying to the woman, “You have such beautiful eyes. I have never seen such beautiful eyes! To whom do these eyes belong?”
And the woman said, “To you! To you, and only to you!”

And so on, the list went on. “These beautiful hands, these beautiful breasts,” and this and that — this went on and on. And Mulla had completely forgotten about the train and the taxi waiting downstairs. But then suddenly he remembered his umbrella. When the list was about to be completed, he said, “Wait! When you come to the yellow umbrella, that belongs to me.”

People are unconsciously doing many things. If they become conscious these things will drop.

Osho – “The Book of Wisdom”