What Type Of Men Were These? – A Funny Spiritual Story by Osho

One school teacher told the famous story of the elephant and the five blind men to his children – but he didn't mention the word blind. He wanted to give them an opportunity to find that out for themselves.

So he told the whole story — that five men went to see an elephant and then they reported back. One said ‘The elephant is like a pillar' — because he had touched only the legs. Another said ‘He is like a very big fan' — because he had touched the ear — and so on and so forth. The story was simple, and everybody knows about it.

Then the teacher said, ‘What type of men were these?'

One small boy said, ‘Experts!'

Habits are efficient, so you do them again and again, and the more you do, the more capable you become. Almost everybody has become a certain type of expert – one part of your mind expertises, and then through expertise, it dominates the whole mind.

From Osho – Dharshan Dairy: Be Realistic, Plan for a Miracle