Town Of The Submerged Temples – A Spiritual Story by Osho

I have heard a story. Thousands of years ago, a town with temples of gods got submerged in the sea. The bells of those drowned temples are still ringing. It is possible that the stroke of water makes them ring. Or, they keep ringing on account of the fish running here and there striking them. Be it as it may, the bells ring even today; and even today, their sweet music can be heard on the sea-shore.

I also wanted to hear that music. Therefore, I went in search of that sea. After several years of wandering, at last I did reach that sea-shore. But, behold what was there was the loud tumult of the sea. The strokes waves, after striking on the rocks, were resounding manifold in that lonely place. Neither was there any music nor were the ringing bells of the temples. I kept listening intently on the But there on the shore was nothing, the sound of breaking waves.

Even so I waited there. In fact, I had forgotten the way back. Now that unknown, uninhabited sea-shore itself was going to be my grave.

And then, even the thought of listening to the bells gradually disappeared. I settled down on the shore of that sea.

Then one night, suddenly I found the bells of submerged temples ringing; and their sweet music started filling my life with joy.

On hearing that music I got out of my sleep and since then I have not been able to sleep again. Now somebody is constantly awake within me. Sleep has vanished for ever.

And life has been filled with light; because where there is no sleep, there is no darkness.

And I am happy. Nay, I have myself become the happiness incarnate; because how could sadness exist where there was the music of God’s temple?

Do you also want to go near that sea shore? Do you also want to hear the music of the submerged temples of God?

Let us then go. Let us move within ourselves. One’s heart itself is that sea; and in its depth is the town of the submerged temples of God.

But only those who are, in all respects, calm and concentrated are able to hear the music of those temples.

How could this music be heard where there is the loud conflict of thought and desire? Even the desire to find it becomes an obstacle in finding.

Osho – “The Earthen Lamps”