The Greatest Miracle – Sufi Spiritual Story by Osho

When powers start happening in your spiritual growth, the greatest courage is needed not to show them.

It is said of a disciple of Rinzai, a Zen Master, that some other religious Master’s disciple was talking to him and the other Master’s disciple said, ‘Our Master is a man of miracles. He can do anything he wants. I have seen many miracles he has been doing, I have witnessed them myself.

What is the great thing about your Master? What miracles can he do?’

And the disciple of Rinzai said, ‘The greatest miracle that my Master can do is not to do miracles.’

Meditate on it. ‘The greatest miracle my Master can do is not to do miracles.’ When miraculous powers start happening, only the weaklings will do them. The stronger one will not do them — because he knows that now this is another trap. Again the world is trying to pull him back.

This is the last trap. If you can avoid psychic energies, silently, witnessing, if you can pass them by without being entangled by them, without being imprisoned by them, only then do you arrive home. It is a great ensnarement.

Osho – ‘Sufis: The people of the path’