Colored Eggs Optical Illusion – Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You

Look at the image below, and you can see clearly that all the balls in this image are three different colors:

  1. Red(ish)
  2. Green(ish)
  3. Blue(ish).

Colored Egg Optical Illusion - With Eggs

Actually, none of the balls are different.

They're all the same color.

We will prove it to you with a copy of the above image…

With only one…



Colored Egg Optical Illusion - Without Lines

What's different?

In the first image, the lines cover over the balls…

That is just like how our unconscious limitations “color” our experiences and hold us back from living happy, peaceful, and authentic.

In the second image, the lines have been moved to the background…

This is just like when we do inner work, meditation, hypnosis, and other transformational techniques…

And we shift those unconscious limitations and make them go so far into the background that they no longer affect us. They no longer “color” our experiences.

That's when we find the happiness, abundance, and peace that we seek.

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