Only King Can Touch A Feet

Always remember: the person who is Not Humble is NOT yet certain about himself.

There is a very famous Eastern story…. A blind man is sitting under a tree.

A king comes, he touches the feet of the blind man and says, ‘Sir, where is the way to the capital?’

Then the prime minister of the king comes, and without touching his feet he says, ‘Mister, where is the way to the capital?’

Then comes an orderly. He hits the head of the old blind man and says, ‘You fool, where is the way to the capital?’

The king’s party had lost its way.

When they had all gone the blind man started laughing. Somebody else was sitting by the side and he asked, ‘Why are you laughing?’

The blind man said, ‘Look, the first man must have been a king, the second man must have been the prime minister and the third was a poor constable.’

The man was puzzled; he said, ‘How could you know? You are blind.’

The blind man said, ‘Just by their behaviour…. The king was so certain of his superiority that he could touch my feet. The orderly was feeling so inferior that he had to hit me. He must be in a poor situation.’

Osho – Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast; Darshan Diary