Number Magic – A Spiritual Story by Inderjit Dhariwal

Yogi Navnirman was a young, enthusiastic follower who evolved spiritually at Mahira’s feet and now spent time moving around different parts of the world with a single burning desire to aid the spiritual awakening of all those who were asking.

Mahira often recalled his experiences of some of the interesting and unique pathways in the progress of other beings he had come in contact with. In fact, he shared more information on the path to enlightenment of others than about himself. When questioned by an observant visitor at the ashram, he would state that the path to complete realization becomes easier when we know there have been many who got there, and more importantly, they used diverse paths to their unfoldment. Mahira always encouraged folks who came for the evening discourses to go within themselves, and seek their unique inner guidance. He loved to repeat that the Universe was more diverse than the human mind could every grasp, and if we just allowed our inner voice to guide us, we all were capable of creating unique and beautiful experiences of our own individual realities.

One day, to a gathering of eager disciples, Mahira recounted Navnirman’s unique way of communicating with the Universe through numbers and other symbols.

“The Universe we live in, is a dynamic energy system, and all that inhabits our Universe, is interconnected to all other forms of matter (energy) whether animate or inanimate. In other words, each member of the Universe, however big or small, however near or distant, shares a common Consciousness. We are in a constant state of contact with all else, whether we are aware of this or not. For the music composers, the Universe communicates by providing new compositions, for the author, new ideas or entire stories. Each one of us receives clear communication when we allow it to come into our awareness.”

“Navnirman was often fascinated by this, and wanted to deepen his awareness and even to establish conscious communication. He found a very unique way indeed. He told me how it all started almost immediately after he first became aware of this concept. He had an office job then that required traveling. One day, while waiting at a red light, his attention was drawn to the number plates of the vehicles. He started pondering upon the numbers that his eyes caught ‘at random’.

9277 was the one such number. He delved deeper into his being, so he could relate to the meaning in this number for he knew his current life experiences had the meaning all wrapped up to be discovered. And then it came in a flash to him: ‘Now, tu bar bar lucky’ — this was a mix of his native tongue, Hindi and English, as these were the predominant languages he grew up with. And it all made perfect sense to him. For, the number 9 is pronounced ‘Nau’ in Hindi, which closely matches the ‘Now’ of English. 2 sounds like ‘Tu’ which in Hindi means ‘You’. Repeat of no. 7 (the generally accepted denotation for luck in our times by the masses, although all numbers are equally ‘lucky’ in the eyes of the Universe) meant again and again (bar-bar in Hindi).

Navnirman was excited for many reasons. For one, the Universe was validating that whatever he was, however he was, wherever he was, he was always lucky! Many amongst us seek approval and acknowledgment through our work, our good behaviour, our charitable deeds etc. and Navnirman had found that he could receive such acknowledgment from the Universe itself, simply by tuning in and being aware.

He started looking obsessively looking out at other number plates, and found some interesting messages, all of which did not make complete sense at that time. And he conjured a meaning for each number he saw. And he came to realize that these meanings were equally accessible and applicable to any being that chose to interpret them.

1 meant the Universe was addressing him (or anyone who chose to tune in so) directly as in ‘Continuously or Repeatedly, One is Lucky’ when he saw the Seven 11 signboards while traveling in America. Another instance he felt he was being referred directly (because at this point in time and space, he was choosing to believe so) was when he saw his birth year (19)68 appear in numbers. ‘6877’ or ‘7168’ meant the Universe’s constant reminder for him to believe he was lucky or perfect wherever he was, although his mind had some difficulty in accepting this at times. Later, he realized that he was creating (attracting) this constant reminder precisely because he did not yet completely believe he was ‘OK’ regardless of where he was.

2 meant the Universe was addressing him in a friendly or informal manner for it brought the Hindi ‘Tu’ immediately to his consciousness.

3 meant the Universe was addressing him or pointing out towards his wholeness by referring to the trio of Spirit, Mind and Body.

4 was straightforward. It meant ‘for’.

5 meant the 5 senses.

6 meant seeks because of the closeness in the pronunciation of the number ‘6’ and the word ‘seeks’.

7 denoted lucky.

8 meant ‘more than lucky’

9 meant ‘Now’

0 meant ‘nothing’ or ‘nothing but’ as in ‘2007’ to Navnirman was ‘You are constantly nothing but lucky’

He created many phrases from the numbers he encountered, such as –

2296 — Bar-Bar Tu seeks (Again and again or Repeatedly You Seek)

5566 — Bar-Bar Panjo Seeks (Again and again the 5 Seek, ‘the 5’ referring to the 5 senses)

2008 — Tu Bar-Bar Nothing but More than Lucky [zero appearing twice indicated again and again (or repeatedly) nothing but and 8 denoted more than lucky, since it is greater than 7]

1356 — The United (‘One’) Three All the 5 Seeks: Here, 3 refers to the Spirit-Mind-Body combine that make our beings, 5 denotes the 5 senses. The phrase implied that all the senses and his entire being longed for unity with the One that pervades all.

0008 — Nothing, Nothing, Nothing (but) More than Lucky. This made his day, and helped him to trust in the Higher Power more and more.

7778 — Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, More than Lucky. The repeat of 7 exactly three times denoted that his Spirit was lucky, Mind was lucky, Body was lucky, and since he was gaining this insight, he was now more than lucky.

This tuning into communication soon spread from the numbers to include the alphabets preceding them, with each alphabet conveying a meaning according to a symbol stored in Navnirman’s psyche. For instance, ‘AB’ in a number plate brought the word ‘Abhi’ to his mind, which is ‘Now’ in Hindi. ‘GL’ stood for ‘God’s Luck’, ‘HF’ translated to ‘High Frequency’ signifying that his vibration was tuning into the Higher Cosmic frequencies, and that his awareness was expanding!

He even started linking the interpretations of 2 separate number plates to create an expanded meaning for himself!

Navnirman excitedly started looking for an opportunity to receive a communication from the Universe. Gradually, he started seeing messages in the alphabets that precede the numbers on vehicles. In fact, he even started seeing messages in other places, such as the room numbers of the hotels he stayed in while traveling, the word count of the messages he typed, the time in watches (14.00 meant to him ‘Double Lucky and Nothing but Nothing Else, a very solid supportive statement from the Universe to rid the doubts that gathered in his mind over the purpose of his existence) 02.13 meant ‘Tu One Tinno’ i.e. You (Tu) 3 (Tinno from Hindi when referring to 3 as a combined entity) are One, meaning the Spirit, Mind and Body that was Navnirman were now united and working in harmony.

In addition to bolstering his self-esteem, the numbers, letters and symbols were also guiding him in his evolution. For instance, while checking into a hotel room with number ‘321’, he knew it was a call to practice and live from the perspective of a Spirit-Mind-Body combine rather than from the limited perspective of his mortal personality.

“Navnirman’s spiritual progress hastened considerably since he started communicating with the Universe in this manner. Emboldened with the evidence he was creating, he even started posing questions to the Universe. One of the most amazing ones was after he read a spiritual book in which the author wrote that by asking his inner wisdom, he learnt that he had lived 647 previous lives in various incarnations. A desire crossed Navnirman’s mind as he waited at a red light one day. Hopefully, he posed the question to himself: ‘How many lives has it been for me?’ And the first number plate his eyes met read: WB-02 0647!

This was indeed a very dramatic moment for Navnirman that brought him to a state of ecstasy at the power of the Infinite Spirit that dwells all. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he had also lived the same number of previous lives as the book’s author. He reminded himself that there are no coincidences in this Universe, and did his best to accept this answer from the Universe with faith. The last vestiges of doubt from him were removed when he analysed the preceding part of the number – WB-02. A flash came to him with clear meaning. Wo (He) Bhi (Also); Tu [(As) You] (have lived) 0647. The Universe knew the genesis of Navnirman’s question, and had answered fittingly to help him increase his faith that the author and Navnirman had both lived 647 previous lives.”

“Guruji, isn’t this remarkable? Sounds too fantastic to be true!” Jagga commented. He was a young lad in his teens, and had already become curious about the ways of the Universe. He loved attending Mahira’s discourses for the wonderful evidence he gathered to strengthen his faith in the Higher Power.

Mahira knew the young kid believed somewhere in his being, yet was dumbstruck at such a ‘coincidence’. “We all keep saying the powers of the Infinite are much more than we can ever imagine, yet when we see such evidence we all feel the amazement and wonder at how such a fantastically improbable thing could occur at a red light!”

“Soon, this spread to other matters, and Navnirman now sought and received guidance on any matter he desired. The sound of a flying plane coming to his awareness signified to him that he was also flying high, i.e. connected with his Higher Source. His experiences during his meditations became more powerful and more varied as he simply allowed the Universe to show him the way more and more.”

“These, my friends, were the wonderful series of experiences that Navnirman had himself created for himself, to aid his own development. We all have our unique way of communicating with the Divine, none higher or lower than the other. Go forth, and seek within. God’s Grace to All.”

Inderjit Dhariwal lives in India and is interested in being an aware and enlightened instrument of the Universe. He hopes that through his stories he is able to bring others satisfaction, enjoyment, and a greater awareness of who they are. You can contact him through email.

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