Nomadic Soul – A Spiritual Story by Inderjit Dhariwal

Milwaukee, Wisconsin :

Abe is a large man and looks much younger than his 48 years.

“I am fascinated by the concept of evolution. Life is energy, pure energy and we all start out experiencing the Physical World at basic levels as microbes or other similar primitive creatures, gradually evolving into higher levels of expression.”

“Abe, you've always been so obsessed with these larger than life curiosities. Isn't it true that the Soul-Mind-Body combine seek a balanced existence, as you often preach? So, why don't you concentrate on your job and help in the family's finances?”

“Kathy, I know what you mean. But, I keep getting these visions at day and at night. It's as if my inner voice is calling me forth onto my real purpose in this life. I often wonder how the life forms before our time lived, what they felt and thought. You are right. I am obsessed with these matters. Yet, I know what you say is relevant and I'm trying my best to live a useful life. You know what, I feel I truly come alive when I sleep!”

“Abe, you've got to quit being in love with what you experience in your dreams and wake up to the realities of your life. You've had a steady job for 2 months out of the past 6 and it frustrates me to see you wasting away. Anyway, I've got to be up at 5.00 for an early meeting tomorrow. Think over what I've said and try to create a better life for us in your current reality. Good night.”

“Goodnight darling. I hope to make it worthwhile for you, all these years you've patiently put up with me.”

When Kathy rose at 5 the next morning, she was surprised to see Abe was not in bed. She had an important meeting that morning and she assumed Abe must've gone for an early morning walk, as he sometimes did. Abe did not follow any specific activity regularly for a consistent period of time and it was difficult to say how long each new fad would last for him. She was surprised he did not mention his plans to go for a walk the previous evening, especially since he knew she would be leaving early. Abe carried a terrible guilt at not contributing enough to the family's finances and maybe, his preoccupations did not allow him to enjoy his sleep. Maybe, she was too harsh on him last night. Kathy decided to make up with Abe later in the day and rushed off to work.

“Abe, what were you doing so early today? You didn't tell me you would be up early for your walk?”

“What? Are you kidding? Last night was one of the best nights for me and I enjoyed my sleep. I got up at 7.30 and I've been waiting all day to tell you about my dreams. They are still so vivid; it was as if I was there. Actually, that's what I read somewhere — that during sleep, the soul can travel to any time and to any place it chooses.”

“What do you mean? I'm saying I did not find you in bed at 5 and you say you slept until 7.30. How's that possible? I've not known you sleepwalking before.”

“Well, maybe you missed me under the blankets. Sleepwalking!! That's an interesting hypothesis. Maybe, I was. Anyway, you got to listen to this. Last night, I dreamt I was a tiny microbe. Actually, I am not sure what I was but from what I could see around me, mostly others like me, I think I was a microbe. Wow! The feeling and the thrill were amazing. I can feel the excitement even now as I imagine myself moving with multiple limbs, just happy to be and not ‘thinking' of much. Actually, I don't think I was experiencing what we call thinking at all. Life was almost entirely an emotional experience and I clearly remember the overpowering feelings of bliss and peace that I felt just being in the company of others of my kind and the strong bond of love we had for each other. I experienced some pain too. In fact, I woke up with a start just when I thought I was about to die.”

“Oh, Mr. Abraham Fox, I've had dreams where I've found myself in totally different, sometimes bizarre environments. But, I've always been me, Kathy, in my dreams. I've never even been another person, much less another creature. Your dreams cover a wider canvass, that's all I can say. Perhaps, you make a deeper connection. Let us both get some good sleep tonight, darling and please don't mention these creepy dreams.”

Bob and Dick enjoyed an informal camaraderie that came from the 11 years they had spent together on and off doing the beat. Tonight, they were both happy to be together after a 3-month interval and were patrolling the Fox's neighbourhood. Around 4.00 am, they had just passed the gas station down the road from the Foxes' house that Bob let out a startled yelp. “Hey, Dick! Did you see that thing up there? Man, what do you say about that??!! For a moment, I thought it was a plane, but it's making no sound even though it's flying so low. I think it's like the giant bird I saw on a television programme last week about prehistoric animals. What's the name, umm … yes, Pterosaurs.” Bob's hyperactive behaviour had made Dick immune to his excited bursts. Besides, he thought Bob was hallucinating and considered himself to be more alert because he was driving the patrol car. “Bob, creatures like these have been extinct for 70 million years, and I am not buying someone's experimenting with frozen DNA.”

“Dick, I am 100% sure I wasn't hallucinating. I saw a huge bird with a wingspan so wide I am sure it was from the Pterosaur family, like the movie I saw with the kids.”

As they were arguing, a large, dark shadow started moving across the road and onto the grass leading towards the cluster of houses. Both men looked up to see a huge bird exactly as Bob had described flying slowly towards one of the houses. The view of the entrance of the houses was blocked from where their car was, and Dick stepped on the gas and turned sharply at the bend. As they turned, they were both open-mouthed to find no sign of the giant flying creature.

“Man, are we both dreaming? Where did that thing vanish? I think it must've entered one of the houses by the time we came around the bend.” Dick offered, although he wasn't quite sure he could trust his senses.

“Look, Dick!! A feather near the garage of that house!” Bob was out of the car before completing the sentence and was running towards the garage door of one of the houses. “Should we call for back-up or should we alert the people inside?” Bob broke Dick's dilemma by pressing hard on the doorbell.

Kathy woke with a start at the persistent sounds of the doorbell. She was surprised not to find Abe in bed again, and the urgency indicated by the bell was too great for her to ponder further on this. “Yes, officers. Is everything all right? What on earth's happened that you rang the bell at this hour?”

Kathy was pale by the time Bob and Dick had related the sequence of the past few minutes to her, and had shown the feather as evidence. She informed the officers of the previous day's events and her mention of not finding Abe in bed led to a frantic search of the apartment. Bob found Abe sprawled on the garage floor. Abe was startled out of sleep by the sounds of strangers. He looked up wearily, “What the hell am I doing here? And who are you folks?” Kathy had joined Bob and Dick in the garage and helped Abe to his feet. She recounted the sequence of events and showed the feather to a speechless Abe. “Well, that's exactly what I just dreamed of tonight. I was a huge bird flying regally through a night sky, feeling exhilaration, power and bliss … ”

Bob had started piecing together the story and offered help. “I am not sure we understand what's going on here. I think we need to get some experts in here who may guide us all. Mr. Fox, considering we have evidence in the form of a feather, sighting of a prehistoric looking creature by two officers, and that you were missing in bed when we called, it would be prudent to keep you under close observation until we all understand what's going on.”

“Officers, I would certainly like to co-operate with you as I am also keen to understand what happened during the past 2 nights.”

“I am wondering where we could keep you, though. We cannot really take you to our office / prison because we can't justify it legally.” Bob was not sure how to handle this situation. “I've been following a Yogi's teachings since sometime now, and I learn that he's in town. Maybe, he can offer some help on this. I am not sure a conventional hospital staff would take too kindly to our explanations of the events, and we all are convinced things are not what they seem to be.”

“What is a Yogi? And what good would he be, if trained medical and police departments would not know how to handle this.” Kathy did not appear convinced at Bob's proposal. Dick was equally skeptical. “Yeah, Bob, imagine going to a Yogi with a case like this.”

“Well, I've been reading a bit on this subject, and this Yogi — Mahira talks about all of us being one all the time. It's like he's obsessed with this idea. Any article, any television interview, the slightest opportunity he gets, he launches with a passion into the basic oneness of all creation. What we are seeing here is hard to figure based on conventional approaches. I think it's worth meeting this yogi. Actually, it's good luck that I know he's traveling through our town because he travels around the world and hardly stays in the same place long enough. Any case, there's nothing to lose and we can figure another approach if this does not help us.”

At the appointed date, Kathy, Bob and Abe waited anxiously for their meeting with the Yogi. A feeling of positive anticipation came over them. Mahira sat crosslegged with an infinitely pleasant personage with peace emanating from his entire being.

Kathy and Bob recounted their understanding of the events of the past 2 nights, as Abe squirmed uneasily. He had been feeling a terrible pain for creating this new set of problems for Kathy.

Mahira listened patiently to the events. When Bob and Kathy had finished, he smiled reassuringly. Looking into Bob's eyes, he spoke “You are experiencing oneness with Creation in your uniquely created experiences. Your soul yearns to be all things and to live and feel life from each creature's perspective all at once. In the waking hours, the limitations of the body and the laws of our physical world do not allow you to leave this plane of existence. However, when you sleep, your soul is free to wander as a nomad, and usually, does so.”

“For most people, the soul visits other planes of existence, what physicists refer to as parallel universes. In certain instances, the soul visits past or future moments in the same planes of existence and this is how people report of events that are going to happen at different places around the world. In your case, your soul travels to prehistoric times in this plane of existence to fulfill your deepest desires to live every aspect of creation, including that from which current life forms have evolved. Actually, there is but one moment, and our feeling of past and future is based on the perceptions of our physical world. In order to fulfill your desires, you took on a microbial form the first night and turned into a pterosaur the second night.”

“I am not sure if I understand all of what you are saying. How do we stop this? Can Abe be dangerous while he's living the life of a different creature?”

“I offer you to come and stay at our meditation center. My colleagues and I here will ensure you can relive these past experiences until your soul decides it no longer needs such experiences. We will create an energy field that would ensure nobody is harmed in case you decided to change form to a dangerous creature and yet you have the opportunity to express your deepest desires. Once your inner yearnings are fully expressed, you can leave our center and return home.”

“Thank you very much, Mahira. You have been a blessing for us. I am glad we met you. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known how to handle this.” Kathy expressed her sincere gratitude to Mahira.

Abe stayed at the meditation center for 3 weeks and resumed a normal life pattern after his return home. He has now published an autobiographical story based on these experiences and has also found a new job as librarian at the Archaeological Institute.

Inderjit Dhariwal lives in India and is interested in being an aware and enlightened instrument of the Universe. He hopes that through his stories he is able to bring others satisfaction, enjoyment, and a greater awareness of who they are. You can contact him through email.

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