“My Spouse, Friends and Family Think My Ideas Are Stupid” – Guest Post by Croix Sather

You may have a dream about starting a business but you have never had a business before. You may have a dream about loosing weight but have tried many diets and none have worked for you. Or maybe your family gives you a hard time about learning energy healing and they say “That woo-woo stuff doesn’t work.”

Here is what you do…


Understand that they cannot see your vision and dream. The universe gave it to you and not them. So first stop trying to make them see it.


Follow what calls to you. I believe that if you are given the gift of an idea and you are inspired by it, then you have the ability to accomplish it and live it.

So if something is calling to you, then that is your journey to follow. But here is the important part, this is your journey. You have to lead by example. Start getting results and those who doubt you will eventually become your fans.


Totally align with your ideas and dreams if you want them to become a reality. You cannot be half-in and half-out. That’s like having a foot on the dock and a foot on the boat as it is floating away. What happens? You end up in the water and you are neither on the dock or on the boat, but you are soaking wet and your cell phone fell to the bottom of the ocean.

To attract, manifest, create, and live your ideas and dreams you must be aligned with your conscious, sub-conscious, and vibrational mind.

You’ve been given the gift of an idea and the ability to accomplish, now it’s time to it a reality. That is a process of letting go of what’s been holding you back, own your greatness, and step into your future before it has arrived.

There are several ways to do this.

You can struggle and hope.

You can hustle and grind.


You can align and flow.

Which sounds easier to you?

The best way I know to align and flow is with Neuro-3 programming that aligns the 3 levels of the mind. You will be amazed how you life starts to flow and you manifest the things that have always seemed to be out of reach.

This advice is from world record holder, and manifestation teacher, Croix Sather. He's an amazing person, with a huge heart.

In his video below, he explains how Neuro-3 programming works so that we can align more easily with our ideas, goals, and dreams.

Croix Sather

Watch This Video With Croix