My Healing – A Spiritual Story by Rebecca Flores

Our words and stories hold power so here goes mine, my loves…

A while back I suffered with a medical issue that lasted for over a month. I didn't share it with everyone because I thought it was so weird to say “I'm in pain but I don't know what's wrong.” It sounded so trivial but as time has progressed I've come to realize it was so much more than that.

On February 13, 2017, I was in my kitchen preparing dinner with my youngest son. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my head, I was nauseated, seeing stars and very dizzy. I could see the concern in my sons eyes as he asked me to rest on the sofa while he finished cooking dinner.

As I lay there, I acted as if I was OK but I wasn't, it got worse. This headache along with other symptoms continued non-stop for the next seven weeks. After countless doctor and specialist appointments, CT scans, three MRI's, a lumbar puncture, four rounds of bloodwork, a horrible visit to the ER, and tons of meds, the pain persisted.

Both doctors and several radiologists were at a loss. I'm a believer and I always have been but sadly I was losing hope and I felt as if my faith was being tested. The emotional distress began to take a toll on my spirit. I believe in the power of positive thinking so that was not cool!

Thankfully I continued to pray and be grateful that I was fortunate to have medical care. So many people have no money for healthcare and suffer daily. After 48 long days of waking up and going to bed with an excruciating headache my answer and healing finally came through a wonderful doctor and physical therapist.

To God goes the glory!

Looking back I feel so grateful for all the love and support everyone gave so freely. I have a beautiful family, friends that I consider family, generous and caring coworkers, a very loving and sweet husband and three amazing kids that show me every day how much I mean to them. I'm a very lucky Girl!

My mind went so many places during this uncertain time and I was reminded that life is so fragile. That evening, in the middle of my kitchen, I was given a wake-up call. My body was talking and I needed to listen. As challenging as it may be, I'm trying to live each day as if it were my last, remaining positive and happy. I vow to take time for myself, be healthy, exercise, and do my best to rest and relax. I will laugh, have fun, be grateful and celebrate life! I'll continue to be thankful and give back whenever and as much I can. I challenge you to do the same.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow…

Thanks to Rebecca Flores for sharing her spiritual story with us!