Love In Action – A Spiritual Story by Ma Prem Pushpa

Once upon a time there lived a man in England. Matisse was his name. Creation was his greatest passion. Art, music, poetry — each realm was a way for him to express a light-blue energy of universe coming through him to awaken higher levels of consciousness in people. Yoga was his foundation; he went there as deep as he only could and the mystical experiences it provided were integral part of his life.Yoga practice helped Matisse to keep channels in his dark-skinned body clean so he could pour abundance of God into his works.

In his thirties he was rather famous throughout Great Britain. He displayed his works at many exhibitions and people were enchanted by his creativity. He connected 3 spheres into one whole: each picture he created was followed by his music and poems. His greatest desire was to awaken people to feel God deep within themselves. “Let divine seed grow, let your individuality blossom” was his motto. He was realizing God as a transcendental eternal energy which saturated universe. Each second he felt it in the air that surrounded him, he saw it in children's eyes, in the leaves of the trees that were murmuring prayers on the wind and even in the concrete jungles of his native city. He saw God in everything and God was an inner stillness of the Power.

Matisse's life was going on in creativity and work. But then one day while sitting in meditation deep at night being parched with thirst of enlightenment he heard a whisper coming from within: “Go to St. Petersburg to continue your realization — there's a lesson you should study on the lands of Russia.” And so he went. His good British friend Frank met him at the airport. He had been living in Petersburg for about 6 years by this time and still was fascinated by it.

“You are just in time, my dear friend,” he said with his eyes shimmering with gladness, “an exhibition of Tibetan art is opening tomorrow. Moreover real Tibetan monks will sing their special prayers there and will build sacred mandala. It's just what you need, isn't it?”

“I guess…”

“To my deep regret I can't invite you to live at my place as Rita, my wife, has very strong negative feelings against dark-skinned people. I can't find a way to make her change her mind. But I've found you a good flat to rent.”

Matisse was shocked. His mind was so far away from these prejudices that it was a significant blow for him to realize that people are still steeped in such ideas.

“Frank, this is ridiculous. There's a divine seed in each of us, we are all united as spirits, we just should be brave enough to go deeper to perceive it.”

“Well, Mat, it's a matter of time, flaming desire, and hard work. Be aware that there are a lot of people here who think in this way. Prejudices are very strong.”

“These people need help to realize who they really are.”

“They just need love, Matisse.”

The next day, the friends went to the exhibition. The space was full of clean white energy that was circulating around and providing positive changes to all guests and members. Matisse felt clear pearling alive spirit sparkling with joy inside. And then he saw her eyes. They showed him deepness, consciousness, beauty, but above all the eternal wisdom of a real Woman. In that moment, a new kind of energy awakened within each of them.

No borders, no limits. All masks and disguises faded away revealing ecstatic dance of two pure spirits. Love came as a revelation that became a turning point in their lives. Matisse realized what his creative works were missing and why he always was unsatisfied. Warmness of the heart, yellow light sparkling with gold, love energy that is what he'll fulfill his creations with. Together they will make a space full of light and understanding and will help people to transform themselves into real individuals who are fragrant with freedom.

And so they married. Matisse settled down in St. Petersburg inspired with his new plans. The conception of his mission was to unite people of different nations, religions and customs, to help people to realize that their unique specific traditions and their brightly expressed features deserve to be respected and treated accordingly. “It doesn't make a difference what color of skin do you have–your individual work, your spiritual growth, your aims–these are the most important things you should think of. Follow the way of love as God is love and it's real,” Matisse thought to himself.

Matisse and his fabulous wife Ariadna organized a society called “The space of love and light.” They made presentations of Matisse's creations, invited remarkable people from all over the world to make speeches within the conception of their society. Ariadna led yoga and meditation classes and organized trips to the holy places of the world guided by professionals.

As time passed by, the gorgeous unordinary couple became famous. People were astonished by paintings Matisse did and by divine music he composed. His works touched their hearts, brought joy and gladness into their lives. He shared the beauty of real love with all Russian people.

Matisse will remain a remarkable figure in the history of art, music and literature as his appearance highlights the beginning of the new age in Russia–a time of arising consciousness among people, time of inner blossom and developing. Matisse celebrated the forthcoming century of real love that washes away all borders; he inspired Russian people to follow the way of the heart.

This story was written by Ma Prem Pushpa.