Let Him Be As God Wishes

There is a story from Junnaid's life…

Junnaid came to stay at a new village. He was a Sufi fakir, a great fakir. His next door neighbor was a mischievous man, a troublemaker.

For three or four days Junnaid watched, until it became more than he could endure. One dusk he was praying, bowing on his prayer rug, after prayers he said, “O' Lord, end this man's life. What need is there of him? He is my neighbor. He is a disturbance and nothing else. He is torturing your people, harassing them, he is evil.

Junnaid had never had received an answer from God to a prayer, that day it came. God said, “Junnaid, you have been here four days. I have been with this man for sixty years. He has been my neighbor for sixty years, because all are my neighbors. I have tolerated him for sixty years, you cannot tolerate four days? And when I tolerated him for sixty years, there must be something, there must be some secret. You should have thought, at least before praying, that one whom God has accepted, what complaint can you have?”

From that day on Junnaid never prayed to improve any man. Let him be as God wishes. As he is fine. Who am I?

As told by Osho in Death is Divine