I Like My Employees to Stay Broke – Guest Post by Grant Cardone

This is funny. And sad.

Funny because of how people misinterpret what I say…

And sad because of how quickly a lot of people go right into a negative mindset.

I recently posted on IG about how I like my employees to stay broke.

And man, did it set off a flurry of activity.

“What kind of BS is this LOL.”

“LMFAO, this dude trying to justify not paying his employees enough money to live.”

But if they would’ve been paying attention instead of drinking the hater-ade…

They’d know exactly what I was talking about.

Listen, I pay my team very well, and in fact…

I make it a point to overpay, and I have guys making over $700K a year.

And truth be told… There was a guy in the video who started with me at $3,000 a month but has since gone on to earn millions.

So, when I say I want them to stay broke…

I mean, I want them to adopt the same mentality I have, which is to stay broke and invest in themselves.

See, when I was coming up, I never blew cash on the Porsches or Rolexes.

I’ve lived on 20% of my income and invested the rest into assets, with #1 being myself.

And this is key because it forced me to stay hungry and work to increase the 20% I was living on.

So, that’s why I push my team to do the same…

And, it’s why I’m bringing you the same message today.

Because if you want to win big…

You have to push to surpass your targets, invest in yourself, and reach your full potential.

And if I can do it, you can do it as well.

Especially once you surround yourself with people who want to break barriers…

And upgrade their mindset to never be capped mentally or financially.

This guest post is from Grant Cardone. To learn more about him and his “Unbreakable Business Challenge,” click here.