An Interview With God – Spiritual Story

“I am broke; I don’t want to live. I must end my life.” Mathew thought.

Kate’s words “I release you Mathew!!” were still playing in his head. Those words were as good as the last nail in the coffin.

Having been without any employment for last two years, he got himself deeply into debt. All he was left with the money that was enough for two more days of oxygen. He knew landlord was about to knock his door and reprimand him for not paying last four months rent. He could not imagine a way out and was at his wit’s end.

Though born to a theist mother he was an outright atheist. For him, the very concept of god was irrational and he saw religious ceremonies as acts of gloried madness. If there was a divine law against mental blasphemy, he would have been festering in the worst hell that one could imagine.

But today something was gnawing his ego. Though he had made his mind to take his own life he thought of going to church. This was not an attempt to escape from landlord’s reprimands but his inner call.

He headed towards church that was half a mile away from his place. Being an atheist for all his life he could not see his purpose of going to church. He was pacing steadily. Something had put his beliefs about religion and god on hold.

He finally reached church and there was standing a priest. His eyes gleamed with joy.

“I was foretold that you will come soon” Priest said.

“Who told you?” Mathew asked to his amazement.

“Whom you have loathed all your life”

“Who are you talking about? My dad ?” Mathew asked after a momentary pause.


“Who, then?”

“Soon you’ll know, son”

“Have you been waiting for me?”

“In a way, Yes”

Priest took him inside.

The place Mathew had always hated was having a calming effect on his psyche.

“You cannot fill more water in a glass that is already full” Priest said.

Priest’s words were definitely esoteric for him but he was not inclined to resist anything. Priest made him to sit comfortably on a chair and asked him to close his eyes.


He did without asking.

Soon he felt that his consciousness was expanding. Residual mental chaos vanished. Deep sense of peace set in. He had never felt this before.

To his astonishment, a non-physical entity appeared in his mental eye.

“Who are you?” Mathew asked.

“People give me different names, but you can call me god.” Answer came.

“God? But I have heard that god never comes to a non-believer like me.”

“Though you are a non-believer you are made in my image and cannot be separated from me, ever.” God said.

“But I have hated you all my life.”

“It was not you who hated me but your ego which you have identified yourself with. You are an eternal soul which is ever pure. How can you ever hate me when you are made in my image itself?”

Fog of ignorance was being dissolved from Mathew’s consciousness.

“Why did you choose me? There are so many people out there who worship you!” He asked.

“I can see that you have so many unanswered questions which I will to address. I could not let you die because you are not destined to die too early.” God said.

Mathew felt furious.

“Destined to die means? People who die in catastrophes are meant to die?” he asked.

“In a way, yes”

“I don’t believe this”

“It doesn’t make any difference whether you believe it or not. Did you believe in me?”


“Yet you see me”

“But why you let innocent people die untimely deaths?” Mathew questioned.

“It is not me who let them die. It is their own debt of deeds which they repay. It is the law of cause and effect.”

“But religious people say you are a savior.”

“Yes, indeed, I am. I protect my children from committing sins.”

“But there are lots of sins happening in the world!”

“Yes. But this is because of people exercising their own free will. I always show the right path. This is my job. If someone chooses the wrong path with his own free will, what is my mistake?”

“But how do you show the right path?” Mathew asked again.

“Everything happens for a reason. Why do you think your arrival to this church is a coincidence?” God asked.
Mathew seemed convinced.

“Okay. Why I grew up without a father? He continued “Why did you not show my innocent mother the right path to not to get into a relationship with a fiend?”

“I told you everything happens for a reason.” God said.

“What reason? What did my mother and I do?”

“Your mother was a daughter of a king and was a tyrant in the previous birth. She killed a man who did not advance to her proposal of marriage because he loved someone else. Though your mother became a hermit in later years of her life, she still had to pay for her deeds. You are the one who accomplished her in the killing.”

“What is the point when I don’t remember any of my previous lives and bad deeds done by me?”

He was curious.

“It is a blessing. If you remember your previous lives it will be hard for you to make spiritual progress in this life. Though everyone has latent seeds of good and bad qualities when they are born, these can be destroyed by doing the divine deeds.

Charity is one of them, for example.” God answered.

“My dad has done bad to my mother. Will he not face any consequence?” he asked.

“Oh, he will. He has created his own bad debt account. He will have to pay sooner or later.”

“I Understand. But have I done so many bad things in my previous lives that I am still paying?”

Mathew wanted to know. He continued “I had a bad childhood. My mother died suddenly. I had a bad relationship. I am in a deep financial debt. Why am I suffering so much?”

“You are suffering because you have conditioned yourself to resist circumstances in your life. Remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. You always have a choice. When you were a kid your father left you and your mother. It’s been years but you still hate him. This hate is nothing but resistance. See, as I told you everything happens for a reason you should accept what you cannot control. You must accept & learn from circumstances and not resist them. If you don’t accept those things which you cannot control, you will always be in pain. Circumstances are designed to teach you something. They help you grow. So, in this case, you must forgive your father and take a lesson to become a very loving father to your future progenies.”

“Very well, what can I learn from my bad relationship?” Mathew asked.

“You should learn to not to be needy and demanding. In your relationship, you’ve always demanded love from your partner. You felt jealous and insecure when you saw Kate with someone else. You may call it love but it was nothing more than a morbid attraction. Unconditional love cannot flourish in slavery. Absolute freedom will come with it. Do I demand anything from anyone? Yet I love all.

No one can love you if you don’t love yourself. Expecting someone to love you is purely a phenomenon of ego which needs security. As soon as ego is threatened, jealousy and insecurity will inevitably arise. You must learn to love others unconditionally. Sooner you’ll realize that more you give, more you have. This is a law that you should apply in every area of your life.” God answered.

Realization of this truth was a big moment in Mathew’s life.

“Father, I have tried to improve myself financially but I invariably fail in my pursuits. What should I do? Why do I fail in my efforts?” Mathew asked.

“Before you can solve a problem, you should know the root cause of the problem. You have failed invariably because you have focused on the lack of your finances. You know that you are made in my image and everything in the universe is a manifestation of my thought then you should not have any difficulty in understanding that money is no different.” God answered.

“Should I worship you to become financially healthy then?” Mathew asked.

“I did not say that. But you have to realize that more you focus on lack which is an attribute of duality and not oneness, you will experience more and more lack. Realize oneness instead.”

“Realizing oneness?”

“Realizing oneness means that you realize that you are not your ego but me. You’ll then realize that inherently you don’t lack anything. Always see yourself as a wealthy being. Have faith that you are already rich which you are indeed. You are made in my image and hence know no lack. You must practice non-attachment to the outcome in every deed you do.

Outcome is not in your hands. All you have is “now”. Nothing exists outside now. “Now” has got all the powers. Take action in now and be detached from the outcome. Every desire carries with it its fulfillment but you have to rise above the desire and then they’ll be fulfilled. You will succeed in all your endeavors.” God answered.

“Thank you for enlightening me, father. I am deeply grateful to you. My praise for you is ineffable.” Mathew Thanked.

“There was never a time when I was not with you, son. May you serve others!! ” God disappeared.

Mathew opened his eyes. He had never felt in life such bliss as he was feeling now. He was about to start a new life.

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