How To Make Karma Work For You – Guest Post by Croix Sather

You’ve heard karma as something like – what goes around comes around, right?

Buddhism describes it as, the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

That doesn't quite hit home for me.

So what does it really mean and how can we make it work for us?

My simple explanation of Karma is…

“What we do or feel, we get back.”

The Divine sends LIKE things to LIKE things.

When we are happy and positive, more happy and positive things naturally come into our lives.

When we are cynical and negative, we create a downward spiral in our lives that invites Karma to kick us in the rear repeatedly.

So when we encounter a nasty person… remember that the Universe will handle it, and we don't need to get upset over it. We don't have to take it upon ourselves to bring that person the negative karma we feel that they deserve.

The Universe has it covered!

Smile, breathe and move forward. The Universe has got our backs!

Instead, let's focus on what we want.

Instead, let's make Karma work for is to bring us the opportunities our hearts desire – whether it's a new job or promotion promotion, more money or less expenses, or great friends or even a fantastic romantic partner.

To help you, I have created an amazing video about manifesting all the great things into your life.

In other words, how to make Karma work for you. 🙂

Watch My Manifestation Teaching Video

To Your Success,
Croix Sather
Guinness World Record Holder

Croix is an author and manifestation expert. He is also a world record champion and has a brilliant way of explaining how to make the law of attraction (aka karma) work for you. You can learn more about him here.