How Can You Be a Peacemaker – Spiritual Story

Carl and Sam were at odds with each other. They could not even remember the initial cause of friction – but their hostility had festered through the years. A deeply concerned deacon prayed that God would use him as a peacemaker.

He called on Carl. What do you think of Sam? he asked.

He’s the sorriest guy in town!

But, countered the deacon, you have to admit that he’s a hard-working man.

No one can deny that, said Carl.

I’ve never known a person who worked harder.

Next the deacon visited Sam. Do you know what Carl said about you? No, but I can imagine his lies, he responded angrily.

This may surprise you, said the deacon, but he said he’s never known a harder worker.

He said that? Sam was stunned.

What do you think of Carl? asked the deacon.

It is no secret that I have absolutely no use for him.

But you must admit he’s honest in business, said the deacon. There’s no getting around that, said Sam. In business he’s a man you can trust.

Later the deacon met Carl again. Do you know what Sam said about you? He claims you’re absolutely trustworthy in business, that you are scrupulously honest. Well, how ’bout that, reacted Carl with a smile.

Soon the peacemaking deacon noticed Sam and Carl would cautiously nod in a friendly sort of way. Before long they were shaking hands, talking, even visiting in each others’ homes.

Today they are best of friends.

This story was rewritten by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy – the original author is unknown.

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