Heart and Soul – A Spiritual Story by Louise Jensen

Once upon a time Heart knocked on Soul's door.

“Can I interest you in some Love?” Heart asked.

“Always” replied Soul.

“Great” Heart responded. “What kind would you like?”

“There are different kinds?” questioned Soul confused.

“Yes. I have lots of Love to choose from. There is the Love you want, the Love you need and the Love you think you want until you get it.”

Although common sense told Soul to pick the Love he wanted, curiosity prevailed. How could there be a Love he wouldn't want?

“Could I have some information on the Love I think I want until I get it please”?

Heart frowned. This Love was only for reckless Souls. “This Love”, Heart solemnly told Soul, “is for those with no self-worth who look for validation through what they may deem a ‘good catch' not paying heed to whether they are treated well and respected. This Love may temporarily boost your self-esteem but it is conditional and quite unhealthy.”

“Oh no” cried Soul, “I am worth more than that. I will have the Love I want please”.

“To receive the Love you want”, Heart informed Soul, “I would need to know why you want Love”.

“So I feel Loved and special and good about myself”, exclaimed Soul. “When I receive that from someone I will be truly happy.”

“Consider the consequences before you go ahead”, Heart asked of Soul. “If you rely on another Soul to give you all of these things and they leave you how would you feel about yourself?”

“Terrible” concludes Soul crestfallen, “so last one I guess, what is the Love I need?”

“Easy”, explains Heart. “Self- Love and when you have that you will live from a place of Love, happy, fulfilled and full of inner peace”.

Soul of course went for this option and lived happily ever after.

Thanks to Louise Jensen for this spiritual story!

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