God’s Punishment

The Bodhisattva was once born as Nandiya, the monkey. His mother was old and blind. Nandiya was a dutiful son and lived with his mother in Banyan tree in a forest near the village. One day, a hunter entered the forest to hunt. He was a cruel man and his teacher had warned him to dire consequences if he did not mend his ways, but the man would not listen. In the forest, he spotted the helpless old mother monkey and wanted to kill her. Her son, seeing his evil intention, came in the way of the hunter. “Don’t kill my helpless mother. She can’t even move away to save herself. Spare her life and take mine instead,” he pleaded.

“You fool! You are young. Why did you have to come in the way? Now both you and your mother will die,” Chuckled the hunter and killed them both.

But on his way back home, he heard that lightning had hit his house and his whole family was killed. God had punished him for the sin he committed by killing the monkeys.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!