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For those of us on the spiritual path, it's an everyday journey to delve deep into ourselves to heal our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical challenges.

Though spirituality means something different to everyone, at the heart of the matter, healing is about connecting with our innermost self while seeking a deeper relationship with a higher power, no matter what name we give it.

Fortunately, free spiritual healing is available to all of us online through classes, workshops, and even live group coaching seminars.

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7 Different Spiritual Healing Techniques To Try

Spiritual healing revolves around faith and maintains equilibrium with the flow of energy in mind and soul. It is an opportunity to bring balance back into our lives when we lose our grounding.

There are many ways to heal ourselves, whether you feel drawn to crystals and stones, angels, energy healing, meditation, tapping, Qi Gong, or one of the other many approaches available to us.

Here are seven popular approaches to spiritual healing that you can try at home, for free, during one of our online classes.

Note: If you are an expert in any of these areas and would like to help us update, clarify, or extend our descriptions of these approaches then we welcome your feedback.

1. Reiki Healing

“Reiki” is a Japanese word that means “God's wisdom and energy.” In Reiki, we try to concentrate the energy revolving around the universe to heal the troubled spirit. This approach to spiritual healing often includes specific signs, symbols, hand movements, intentional breath, and meditation.

Healers use the palm healing method, where they are said to metaphysically transfer universal energy from their palm to the suffering individuals to help them heal. Reiki is most often used for physical ailments, and is believed to work best for colds, flus, and similar minor health challenges.

It is sometimes also used for serious ongoing health issues, though these challenges take a long time to heal. Also, because people often seek multiple treatments, including conventional and alternative medicine, it's not always clear whether Reiki was the primary contributor to healing.

No matter what you seek Reiki for, make sure that your practitioner is certified.

2. Pranic Healing

Many energies are revolving around us. Prana healing seeks to use this for our benefit. This is a self-healing approach, based on breath, that synergizes a person's physical energy and personal aura. Pranic breathing is focused on the purification of the body. It lightens your body and mind from the burden of toxic thoughts.

Interestingly, it has become popular among cancer patients in conjunction with their doctor prescribed treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

3. Crystal Healing

Woman Receiving Crystal HealingMany people believe that crystals can help heal them. Each crystal has unique properties that can be used to help with specific challenges.

For example, Rose Quartz helps heal the heart, while amethyst is believed to support our connection with Spirit.

Crystals are also very beautiful, and by having them around, people naturally feel more positive and hopeful. This is one reason you'll often find them used in massage therapy and on display in spas.

Many people keep crystals with them, in their purses, on rings, and necklaces, and even bracelets. This gives them a daily reminder to let go of whatever burdens their hearts and minds, and to focus on the positive spiritual healing that they seek.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique – Also Known As “Tapping” or EFT

Tapping uses a combination of psychological affirmation, grounding in the present moment, and the energy meridians from acupuncture, to help heal a person. Advocates of EFT say it can be used for just about anything. In fact, it's even been used to help trauma victims after mass shootings (such as with the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary.)

It involves tapping specific places on your body called energy meridians. At the same time, you repeat to yourself either what want to let go of or what you want to create in your life (such as vibrant health and wellbeing). The people who use it include Jack Canfield, Nick Ortner, Deepak Chopra, and even medical doctors such as Mark Hyman MD.

5. QiGong, Tai Chi, And Movement Therapy

QiGong is an 4,000 year-old ancient Chinese practice which focuses on deep breathing, meditation, and subtle soft physical movements. It's considered a self-healing technique since nobody else can “do QiGong” for you.

Like acupuncture, it is considered a normal and standard part of Chinese medical care for healing the mind, body, and spirit. It's been scientifically shown to reduce blood pressure and treat depression.

6. Angel Healing

Angel Healing With Chakras and WingsAnger, anxiety and fear act as boulders in the path of energy flow. When we call upon the angels to heal us, what we're really doing is seeking the support of guides to help us through these obstacles.

A Divine healer connects with those angels and invites them to help heal their client. This approach to spiritual healing is very popular because it involves an abundance of positive energy, unconditional love, beauty, and light. Therapists are basically a medium to transfer those metaphysical energies from the angels to their clients.

7. Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing includes using sounds or Shamanic music to help heal. The Shaman is a person who facilitates this kind of healing and helps their clients enter a new state of mind… often one which explores an energetic or spiritual world far beyond what our physical eyes can see.

Shaman Healer WomanThis can include journeys into dream worlds, both conscious and unconscious, and it's based in a deep respect and relationship between the Shaman, the client, and the realm of mystery (God, Spirit, Universe, etc).

It is most often used to help break the barriers down between a person's strong egoic mind and their spiritual heart.

This approach to healing was made more popular in Western culture through the publication of books by Carlos Castaneda.

5 Benefits Of Spiritual Healing

Though we've talked mostly about healing our minds, bodies, and spirits, we have only touched the surface of what is possible when we journey deeper. What follows are seven different, specific, ways that spiritual healing can help us improve our lives.

1. Release Tension

In a world where everything is going faster, where stress is common, and where we don't often have time to relax, the healing approaches we shared above are key to releasing tension and lowering blood pressure.

It's important for all of us to shift our attention to what is good, right, and easeful in life. It helps us gain perspective on what's important so that we can let go of the things in life we cannot change. Spiritual healing also help us more effectively and easily handle the challenges that we can do something about.

2. Heal Physical Ailments And Reduce Symptoms

When we are constantly facing “flight or fight” crises, and other stressors, it can increase our blood pressure and other heart-related diseases, as well as increase our risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

While spiritual healing can help with these issues specifically, there's also the underlying benefit: As we become more connected to ourselves and Spirit, we naturally want to shift away from any unhealthy habits we have and towards a healthier lifestyle. Toxic foods become less appealing as we realize they, ultimately, cause us to feel disconnected from ourselves and our Creator.

Insomnia is also commonly helped when people heal their lives. As they cleanse their mind, body, emotions, and spirit, people often find that they are able to sleep better. Sleep deprivation is attributed to many medical ailments, so finding ways to get better sleep is always a good thing. That's why, at least a few times per year, you'll find that we share health events specifically to help you get better sleep.

3. More Authentic, Vibrant, Self-Expression

Once you start healing yourself, you'll find that it's easier to express yourself. The blockages that used to prevent you from speaking your truth or pursuing your passions seem to fade away.

Those old limitations are replaced with feelings of peace, compassion, and courage. It becomes easier to speak your truth to anybody, even when it's difficult. Ultimately, you'll find yourself feeling happier and more engaged in the world… and that's a gift to everyone, even people you don't yet know.

You'll also know yourself better, and thus, either discover new passions or embrace the ones you've let hide away. You'll be able to more clearly communicate what upsets or annoys you, and ultimately, spiritual healing helps you become the authority in your life.

4. Better Relationships

When your mind and emotions are in harmony, it improves your relationships. That's why we always seek to offer relationship-specific classes, workshops, and events that can help you relate more effectively with others.

In short, when you learn the skills to communicate and relate, it helps heal yourself, the people you're talking with, and the relationship that the two of you share.

Scientific studies also show that people who have better relationships actually live longer. So heal yourself, heal your relationships, and enjoy the benefits of a longer, healthier, happier life.

5. Overcome Fears, Anxiety, And Phobias

None of us get through life unscathed. At some point, we face difficulties both big and small that can affect us for a lifetime. It's not all conscious. Sometimes, we go through life and unconsciously get triggered. It can damage our relationships, our employment, and even cause us to not do something that would ultimately make us happier.

Spiritual healing can help cleanse our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits, so that fear no longer lives rent-free in our heads. There are many ways to overcome fear, so finding the right therapist, class, or workshop for your specific fears and phobias can be tremendously helpful.

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