(Free eBook) “Manifest From the Heart”

Manifest from the Heart - by Henk SchramWe always hear about the so-called “powers of the mind” and “mind over matter”…

But did you know that even modern-day science shows that your heart’s energy field is 5,000 times stronger than that of your brain? (Read more here.

That's clearly a difference of epic proportions!

Still, most of us keep trying to improve our lives by focusing exclusively on our brain and mind.

For example, we force-feed it all kinds of stuff that seems empowering on the surface:

Affirmations, brainwave entrainment, new beliefs through subliminal messaging and hypnosis… you
name it.

Of course, that can have tremendous benefits… But let's also face the risk:

  • Aren't we focusing entirely on our heads that way?
  • And as a result, don't we simply disregard the enormous potential that remains dormant in
    our hearts?

Here’s the good news:

Tapping into your “heart power” is a lot more straightforward than you may think.

The thing is, it does require an approach that's different from what we're typically told to do.

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Just imagine the greatness you could be achieving if you were somehow able to get in touch with that enormously powerful part of yourself…

Even if past attempts have failed.

With this method you won’t even need to constantly “think positive thoughts,” “repeat affirmations,”
or “be grateful” all the time.

It’s much more straightforward when done “from the heart,” and it blows any “mind power” right
out of the water.

Download “Manifest from the Heart” Here