(Free eBook) “Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets”

Master Mingtong's story begins with serious health problems from a young age. He had asthma, scoliosis and other health challenges.

Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets - by Master Mingtong GuHe had to return to China and stay at a special Qigong Center there to learn the healing practices that changed his life and healed him from those ailments. That Qigong Center in China, run by a physician and Qigong expert named Dr. Pang, demonstrated a 95% rate of improvement in a wide range of more than 200 different health conditions.

But the special medicine-less Qigong Hospital Center in China was little-known. Most people around the world had never heard of it, and would have no opportunity to go there for healing.

This realization prompted Master Mingtong to train to become a Qigong Master, and to bring these Wisdom Healing Qigong techniques to the United States. He created a clinic that has now achieved a 94% wellbeing improvement rate in students who come to his center for their healing retreats.

Now, he's sharing his wisdom in a new free spiritual eBook, “Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets.”

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In it, you’ll learn the 5 ancient secrets that make Wisdom Healing Qigong so effective…

And how you can use it to empower your own health, healing and wellbeing.

You'll also learn about:

  • The holistic mind-body-heart healing perspective of Eastern medicine (which is very different to what you might be used to!)
  • 5 ancient secrets that make Wisdom Healing Qigong so effective for health and wellness
    The brain changes you can influence to create healthy new habits and let go of the past
  • How one Chinese physician achieved a 95% improvement rate by teaching Qigong to people with known health issues
  • The latest scientific breakthroughs that confirm Wisdom Healing Qigong's foundational principles
  • Plus lots more

Download “Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets” Here