Why Are You So Sensitive? - With Myree Morsi

Why Are You So Sensitive?

“Why are you so sensitive?”

If you’ve ever been asked this question, but you’ve never really known the answer… You’re not alone.

There are millions of HSPs (highly sensitive people) all over the world struggling to harness and embrace their sensitivity, because they have no idea where it comes from or what it means for them.

Just like the superhero cannot fully activate their power until they embrace their origin story, you too must go on a journey of self-discovery to the roots of your sensitivity, dear one!

So if you’ve ever wondered:

  • “What is it about ME, my body, my nature…?”
  • “Why do things affect me more than other people?”
  • “Why do I not have the same kind of strength and resilience that others have?”
  • “Why am I the way that I am?”

Join transformational therapist and healer, Myree Morsi, in her brand new FREE masterclass, Why Are You So Sensitive…

Where you’ll discover and map the roots of your sensitivity, so you can confidently share your gifts with the world!

What You'll Learn During “Why Am I So Sensitive?”

Discover what qualities, processes, and personal history contribute to your sensitivity. And how your sensitivity is your superpower.

In this transformational FREE masterclass you will:

  • Discover the 4 key traits of highly sensitive people and the 7 root causes of sensitivity
  • Experience deep healing as you map and identify the root causes of your sensitivity and how it affects the way you show up in the world
  • Learn how to embrace your sensitivity as your SUPERPOWER, so you can thrive in our intense, modern world and within the global crises we’re facing
  • Be held in loving, supportive community as you begin your journey to exploring and claiming your sensitivity

What You Can Expect from “Why Are You So Sensitive?

  • Approximately 90 minutes inside a sacred, safe group container with Myree where you will feel supported and guided to understand your divine, sensitive gift.
  • A [live] grounding meditation that will take you on a healing journey to help you feel comfortable and ready to receive insights and wisdom around sensitivity.
  • A profound and unique teaching on sensitivity where you will begin to finally understand WHY you are so sensitive… and how knowing this can allow you to reclaim the power of your gift.
  • Create a map of your own sacred sensitivity with a beautiful handout that will guide you on how to best honor and nourish your sensitive nature so you can thrive within our chaotic world.
  • A [live] Q&A session where you will get the chance to ask Myree your questions around sensitivity and gain the clarity you’re looking for.
  • A recording of the Masterclass if you aren’t able to make it to the live event
  • Plus discover a very special framework you won’t find anywhere else!


Myree Morsi - Headshot

About Myree Morsi, Soul Guide and Transformational Therapist

A trauma-focused licensed therapist and initiated spiritual guide for 20+ years, Myree is the stabilising, empowering force in her global client network of people alchemizing trauma and awakening into clarified purpose.

She teaches with warm empathy, clairvoyant gifts, accessible guidance and practical strategies for soul-led authenticity in the modern world.

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