What If Women Ran the World? Summit

What If Women Ran the World? Summit

Have you ever thought about how the world would change if women were making all the big decisions? What would it look like if you were part of making the decisions?

By the end of this summit, you will have a:

  • Powerful story you can relate to and will love to share with others.
  • Wisdom nugget that inspires you and empowers you to heal themselves and the planet.
  • Tangible tool you can easily implement and a clear plan to follow.

A True Story What Strong Woman Leadership Looks Like

Leymah Gbowee gave us an idea of what it might be like for women to guide the destiny of our world when she led a movement of white-shirted women that demanded peace after decades of civil war in Liberia.

For month after month, thousands of women wearing white shirts gathered in a vacant lot in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. Every day, the President had to drive by reading the placards, and hearing the chants of these women.

Until one day, Leymah and other leaders of the women’s movement were invited to be part of peace talks between the warring factions. But disgusted by the arguing men, they walked out and formed a ring around the building where the talks were being held. They refused to let any of the men leave until a peace treaty had been signed.

Then, months later, when the UN set up stations where the insurgents could turn in their weapons, and no one came, the women went out to the villages and walked the militiamen to the stations to turn in their guns. Afterwards, they had each man kneel and have his head shaved.

Now, these were the same men (and in some cases, boys) who had raped these women and their daughters, mutilated them, killed them, and created a hell on earth for them.

But these powerful women knew they could not rebuild their country alone.

So, as each man had his head shaved, the women said, “You are our son. You are part of our family. We will forgive you for what you have done, but now you need to get to work and rebuild our country.”

Many of the men cried and sobbed, scarred by their previous inhumanity and overwhelmed by the acceptance and love of these women whom they had wronged.

This is the healing power of the feminine.

We support each other.

We stand arm-in-arm.

We raise up our men and demand they live by a higher standard.

This is the time for us, as women, to come together and use our unique gifts to lead differently. It’s the time for us to renew our strength, heal our own wounds, and let the fullness of our hearts heal our world.

What You'll Learn During the “What If Women Ran the World? Summit”

This summit is specifically designed to to help us own our strength as women, heal our emotional and psychological wounds, and bring our power together by stepping up as women leaders in our homes, workplaces, communities, and the world.

When you listen to our conversation and to the 16 other remarkable conversations Janet hosted with women leaders of diverse ethnicities, expertise, and walks of life you’ll learn how to address the biggest challenges you’re facing in your own life, challenges we all face as women:

  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • Balancing time for yourself and supporting your family
  • Facing the changes that menopause brings
  • Learning how to embrace change while still being true to yourself
  • Rediscovering the power of community and the company of other women
  • Uncovering the means to activate and make use of the power of the unseen

Here's just a bit of what you'll learn:

  • Access and harness your true power for personal and global transformation: Gain insight into where your true power lies, learn how to access it, and use it to heal yourself and the planet.
  • Learn the success habits of 17 HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL women leaders: Become an empowered leader & step into positions of power that will allow you to have greater influence and impact.
  • Receive tangible tools and a clear action plan that you can implement easily: Receive nuggets of wisdom to inspire you AND practical easy-to-follow steps to implement them into your life.
  • Gain Confidence & Attract More Opportunities: Learn how to boost self-confidence and draw in new possibilities to enrich your life.
  • Boldly Embrace Your Beliefs & Speak Up: Learn how to confidently and proudly stand for your values and those of all women around you.
  • Build A World-Centered Life & Find Authentic Joy: Unlock your true potential and discover the path to a life filled with purpose and authentic joy, centered around making a positive impact on the world.
  • Learn The Success Habits of 17 Power Women: Unlock the secrets of 17 successful female thought leaders and take charge of your life in every aspect – transform your life and live it to the fullest!
  • Steer Clear of Common Pitfalls: Take the shortest path to success by learning from the experiences of successful women leaders, so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.
  • Unlock Your True Leadership Potential: Master leading yourself, leading others, and the planet – make a difference in your own life and the world around you.
  • Get Crystal Clear On Your Feminine Gifts: Gain greater clarity for navigating the world and how to use your feminine gifts raise the planet’s vibration.
  • Receive Tangible Tools To Take Charge Of Your Life: Discovering the secrets of successful leaders and how they achieve success in every aspect of their lives.
  • Connect, create, collaborate!: Connect with like-minded women across the planet and have the opportunity to collaborate on creating a whole new world together.

Why You Should Attend the “What if Women Ran the World? Summit”

Healing Our Body

We’ll explore powerful ways to unite with the energy of love so it can heal you in every way. Once you fall in love with yourself and treat yourself accordingly, you find that you radiate vibrant health and have so much more energy to make a big impact.

Healing Our Emotions

Fear holds women back from taking action and living their dreams. We will release the old energy and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and transform it so that you have the courage to follow your heart.

Healing Our Spirits

Sisterhood Planet is a safe space, a fully feminine place that combines the intuitive and the rational, the emotional and the physical, the esoteric and the mainstream, the inner spiritual, and the outer material.

Healing The Planet

We will use our collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet. We’ll also look into the latest sustainable renewable and regenerative technologies that will help heal the planet, making it a safe environment for our children to grow up in.

Speaker Topics: What if Women Ran the World? Summit

  • How to Serve the World by Learning How to Be Happy for No Reason, so you can enjoy radical happiness and help others, too!
  • The Steps to Creating a World That Works for Everyone, so your world reflects the desires of your heart.
  • How to Tap Into the Soul of Money: Transforming The World Through Your Relationship With Money, so you can live in abundance and upgrade your fulfillment.
  • What The Four Elements of Healing the World are, so you can use ancient Indigenous wisdom to heal yourself and spread healing.
  • The Power and Principles of Building a Community, so you learn the secrets of creating a sense of belonging within and around you.
  • The Secrets of Women Making Money with a Message for the WORLD, so you can rock your business like the amazing leader you are.
  • How to Be the Designer of Your Destiny, so you can craft an intentional life – in all the areas that matter to you.
  • What The Future of Love in the World looks like, so you can know exactly how to leverage love in leadership.
  • Exactly How to Reclaim Feminine Power By Building Your Dream, so you can live a life you love and see all your dreams achieved.
  • All About The Power of Women Awakening, so you can use your voice to transform yourself and the world around you.
  • The Single Thing That Keeps You From Realizing Your Dreams, so you can eliminate it for good and unleash your potential.
  • Discover The Power of Lifting as We Climb, so you can learn how women can support one another to succeed without competing or compromising.
  • Using Spirituality to Heal Ourselves and The Planet, so you can unlock your hidden spiritual gifts and use them in ways that really work.
  • How to Create Long Lasting Relief and Vibrant Health And Transform the World, so you can have the energy to enjoy your abundance and make an impactful contribution in the world.
  • How Rediscovering the Joy of Your True Nature Impacts the World, so you can live with the joy, authenticity, and generosity that you crave and deserve.
  • How the Gift of Passion Can Change the World, so you can live a passionate life at any age and no matter what!
  • How Muslim Women Can Heal the World, so you can learn how women can unite through universal truths.

You can attend from the comfort of home and it will be hosted LIVE by Janet herself, so you can ask her questions and share your heart with her.

The world needs your brilliance and your feminine power.

It’s a time to come together as global sisters and what better way than with some of the top transformational women leaders of our time?

You give to others all the time.

Give this to yourself.

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