Explore the Way of the Druid - Philip Carr-Gomm

Explore the Way of the Druid

Discover how to open to the mystical world of Druidry and engage the powerful forces of the Earth and Cosmos to ignite your potential for:

  • Boundless creativity
  • Wisdom
  • And spiritual connectedness

Why Attend “Explore the Way of the Druid”

Explore the Way of the Druid - Philip Carr-GommAre you yearning for a more fulfilling spiritual journey, where you can tap into the endless well of your creative, wise, and magical self?

In a world where modern distractions, anxieties, and disconnection often rule, a deep-rooted call beckons us back to our origins — to the unifying fabric that weaves us into the grand tapestry of the Universe — waiting to guide us back to our true selves and to the eternal wisdom that connects all life.

Druidry, the ancient path of wisdom and insight that was forged in the heart of the British Isles, is a spiritual tradition like no other. Its lessons, veiled in the lore of the land and the cycle of the seasons, speak to our deepest selves, helping us navigate the turbulence of modern life so we can reconnect with the ageless wisdom of the Earth.

It’s intertwined with Celtic Shamanism, often encompassing shamanistic elements, such as journeying to other realms and communicating with the spirit world, in its rituals and teachings — highlighting the deep-seated spiritual bond between the Celts and their environment.

During this free online spiritual growth workshop, Philip Carr-Gomm, an acclaimed expert in the fields of psychology and Druidry, will guide you into the mystical undercurrents of Druidry.

Class Topics for “Explore the Way of the Druid”

In this illuminating online event, you’ll:

  • Receive teachings on how to shift your life’s direction, guided by the wisdom of the Inner World, leading to a life enriched with magic and serendipity
  • Experience a Druidic practice to heighten your interconnectedness with Nature, humanity, and the spiritual life, cultivating a deep sense of community with like-minded souls around the globe
  • Discover new perspectives on life and existence through the unique lens of Druidry, leading you towards a path of freedom from societal dogmas and self-imposed limitations
  • Uncover the vibrant plant, animal, and seasonal lore of the Druids, enriching your understanding of the world and nurturing your relationship with Nature

Druidry is not a path walked in solitude, but a journey that weaves you into the community of creation — the fabric of life and existence itself. By embracing its teachings, you open yourself to the wisdom of the Earth, the stars, and the timeless truths that lie within your own soul.

About Your Teacher – Philip Carr-Gomm

Philip Carr-Gomm combines inspiration from the worlds of psychology and spirituality to help us access our own wellsprings of happiness, creativity, and meaning. Rooted in the nature spirituality of Druidry, Philip also draws on his training in psychology, psychosynthesis psychotherapy, and sophrology. He is the founder of the Sophrology Institute.

Philip helps participants in his talks and workshops transform their lives through the imaginative use of conversation, plant and animal oracles, music and poetry, meditation, and ritual. He has authored or co-authored 20 books, including The Druid Animal Oracle and The Druidcraft Tarot. He has worked in the field of psychedelic therapy with the Synthesis Institute and the ACER Integration Program.

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Sep 16 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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