Vitality Summit 2024

Vitality Summit 2024

What if we were looking at health all wrong? What if the “whack-a-mole” disease-care system we’ve been struggling with has been fitted with the wrong lens all along?

What if there was a clear path to vibrant health and abundant energy right in front of us this whole time?

The original medical systems all centered around a foundation of VITALISM – the notion that life itself brought health, vibrancy, vitality and vigor. In this model, disease was a state where the body was unable to return to homeostasis and therefore began to fall apart.

The advent of antibiotics, sterilization and surgery brought us into a new era of medicine at a very distinct point in history- during the first World War. This meant we were able to patch up our troops faster than our enemies and get them back on the battlefield sooner. It helped us win the war. This trend continued in World War II and the rise of “Allopathic Medicine” was locked in.

It saved lives and therefore, must be right.

But right for what?

Allopathic medicine is excellent at acute trauma. It saves lives…100%.

The challenge?

It’s been dismal at helping with chronic disease.

We’re now facing an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health issues and much more. We’re sliding faster than the system can help people and things continue to get worse.

It’s not working.

So how can we restore health and vitality in our lives knowing that the medical system is ill-equipped to help us?

This is the question my friend Dr Pedram Shojai (The Urban Monk) posed to over 35 leading experts in the field. Dr Shojai is best known for his best selling books and his dozens of films and documentary series about health and his no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. His rolodex is filled with the who’s who of science & medicine and he asked each expert to “get real” with people about what really matters and what actually works.

He’s reached out to the most influential people with fresh voices and messages to make sure you get the very BEST information that can help you right now.

There’s always another fad in health. There’s always the next miracle promise. Dr Shojai is fed up with the “noise” out there and asked the world’s leading experts to share what’s truly important and what we SHOULD be focused on in health and wellness.

It’s a 7 day online Summit featuring the biggest names in health- all told to be raw and real in their frank discussions…all told to help YOU cut through the noise and walk about feeling empowered and clear about what to do next for better health.

Why Attend the Vitality Summit 2024

Health & Vitality are a way of life… not a fad diet. Stop throwing darts and learn a framework for living healthfully that will carry you to true Vitality.

The event is full of raw wisdom, clinical pearls, and actionable advice designed to help you immediately start feeling better. Why? Because with more energy and clarity, you can keep going…you can roll forward into a better tomorrow.

Now is the time we need to hear this message. There’s so much noise and misinformation out there. There’s so much stress about health and what to do about it. People are confused and distracted. They are tired and frustrated.

Does that sound familiar?

Let’s help you clear your head of all the noise and distractions and come back to the tried and true wisdom of true Vitality. This all-star cast of doctors and expert researchers is here to help.

Health isn’t a mystery.

Vitality is your birthright.

What You'll Learn During the 2024 Vitality Summit

This event has been brought together in an effort to cut through the noise and boil true health down to the essentials you actually need to thrive.

Vitality is about how we live…

It's about how can we stack positive habits that move us in the right direction each day instead of the rollercoaster ride of new fad and miracle cures.

And, the brightest minds in medicine have come together to bring you the “real talk” you need to hear and help you settle into true health that’s sustainable.

During this event, you'll learn how to:

  • Look at food in a healthy way and eat to “feed your friends” in your microbiome
  • Know what toxic substances are harming you in your home and how to replace them with inexpensive healthy swaps
  • Reduce inflammation and heal the gut lining so your body’s alarm systems calm down
  • Relax and ease into sleep so you can restore your energy and clear your head each night
  • Reduce stress and focus in on your priorities so you can actually stay calm and collected each day
  • Maximize your Vitality and gain more energy and enthusiasm each day
  • Optimize muscle growth for greater energy production and vitality overall
  • Think about health in a holistic and complete way so you relax into a lifestyle that serves you and doesn’t stress you out
  • Feed your brain for better clarity and decision making in life

The challenge we all face is there’s too much stress around everything in our lives…

We don’t need to stress about how to be healthy on top of it. It leads to “orthorexia” and smoothies we waste because our cortisol is too high anyways. Let’s not throw darts here.

Our speakers were asked to keep it real and help you understand how to build a mental operating system that’s all about health. Vitality is a way of life… not something we should be chasing.

Vitality is a state of being where health emerges from within.

No matter what you’re dealing with right now, the Vitality Summit was designed to help you get on a sane healthy path that you can stay on. You’ll get plenty of tools and resources to help you along the way…all designed to help you increase your Vitality one day at a time.

Who Should Attend the Vitality Summit 2024

By the end of this 7-day summit, you will have a powerful framework for success in health and wellbeing. It’s all about our understanding of lifestyle and health practices. It’s about how we live each day and how that adds to or subtracts from our overall Vitality.

This summit is for you, if you:

  • Feel tired and stressed despite all the health advice you’ve been listening to
  • Get some success and lose your gains repeatedly
  • Are overwhelmed with the different darts you’ve thrown at trying to feel better
  • Keep mustering willpower to try new things but nothing seems to work or get you feeling much better
  • Have got some health issues and can’t seem to get over the hump on actually feeling well again
  • Have listened to the podcasts and summits yet have little clarity on what to actually do to get lasting results

Let’s take the stress out of it and show you a better way to get the results you want without the silly promises and cheap shortcuts that have never worked. All with the most renowned names in health and medicine.

Speaker Schedule – Vitality Summit 2024

Day 1- February 19, 2024 – Vitalism

On the opening day, we explore the concept of Vitalism and how it applies to our lives. We learn about the body’s innate healing capacity and explore how to best sync up with it for more energy, vitality and vigor.


Jeff Bland, PhD – The father of Functional Medicine himself helps us kick off the event with wise words about what true health is and how we create space for it in our lives. From the atoms in our cells to the nutrients in our soil, it all comes full circle and that’s how we need to live.

Tom O’Bryan, DC – The king of Gluten understanding joins us to talk about how Vitality emerges from our cells and how we need to live in order to drive and maintain it.

Robert Rountree, MD – Esteemed functional medicine doctor and avid hiker shares what commonalities he sees in people who get well vs people who never recover. Get ready to be on the right side of that equation!

Ari Whitten – The master of energy disorders breaks down a powerful insight about the broken medical system and really shakes up our thinking around the entire paradigm. This is a powerful talk!

Steven Gundry, MD – Talks about toxins in our foods, vegetables, and grains and how to avoid them. He drives his argument based on Blue Zone data and what we know about people who actually live longer and thrive.

Mark Burhenne, DDS – Shares the fascinating connection between oral health and our overall vitality. It all starts in the mouth and Dr Burhenne shares how to get it right at the “Gateway to Health.”

Day 2- February 20, 2024 – Diet and Nutrition

Here we explore the role of food, the gut lining and the microbiome in our health and Vitality. All disease and inflammation start in the gut so we have to get this right in order to restore health and vibrant energy.


Ocean Robbins – One of the leaders of the true “Food Revolution” talks about how whole foods and vegetables are an effective and inexpensive way to stay healthy and vibrant. He cites the data and makes a compelling case for all of us to eat more veggies.

Serena Poon – The Culinary Alchemist helps us understand how to bring joy and flavor back into our healthy meals. It should be fun. It should be tasty. It should be good for you. Serena shows us how to have it all.

Marvin Singh, MD – Dr Singh is one of the best Integrative GI specialists in the world. He helps us understand the powerful role of the microbiome and how it either drives Vitality or ill health.

Nicole Beurkens, PhD – Dr Beurkens helps us understand the intimate relationship between nutrition and our mental health. How we eat matters for our mood. How we feed the right bacteria will drive powerful switches in our epigenetics that help us thrive. Let’s learn how…

Katie Kimball – What’s the point of buying healthy food if your kids won’t eat it. Katie has been helping parents solve this problem for years. She discusses how to get your kids involved early in the prepping and cooking process so they can develop a healthy relationship with food.

Steven Wright – Steven had to learn to “engineer” his own solution to gut health after traditional medicine failed him. He applied his engineering background to studying and solving the problem and has helped thousands of folks to the same.

Kristin Kirkpatrick – A seasoned nutritionist who worked daily with the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, Kristin is used to the dietary challenges people face. She gives us real brass-tacks wisdom and principles for how to look at food, eating, and hunger in the modern world.

Day 3- February 21, 2024 – The Exercise Dilema

Getting going is hard. Avoiding injuries is important. Getting right with movement is essential. Today we visit with experts who are truly walking the walk. Let’s get you moving…


Ben Pakulski – Why learn about fitness from someone who’s not fit? Ben is a world class fitness leader who’s been on elite stages as a true bodybuilder. Instead of thinking “not fat”, how can we shift our thinking to “more muscle” and “more energy?”

Drew Manning – Drew couldn’t figure out why his clients were having so much trouble losing weight so he decided to go from “Fit to Fat to Fit.” He gained a ton of weight and then lost it so he could learn about the hardships people face. What he shares is enlightening.

Ben Greenfield – One of the founders of the Biohacking movement talks about his personal regimen, how he keeps moving, and how he looks at health and fitness as a lifestyle instead of a fad. He walks the walk…literally in this interview!

Dave Asprey – Another founder of the Biohacking movement, Dave’s considered the Godfather of the space. Dave drops some powerful controversial truth bombs around how we all work too hard and never get results. He exercises 30 min a week and looks great!

Kim Strother – Celebrity fitness instructor in LA and NY who keeps it real and preaches doing what you love for exercise or it won’t work. Kim joins us with her friendly no-nonsense approach to moving and fitness with some great tips and a better way to look at fitness globally.

Aaron Alexander – if you want to practice what you preach, you look to Aaron. He hacks his entire world to keep him moving and stretching. From sitting on the floor to stretching multiple times a day, Aaron has it figured out and is here to show us how to live in movement.

Day 4- February 22, 2024 – Sleep

What goes up must come down. Sleep is the best medicine we have but most people are not getting it in sufficient quantities or quality. How can we fix this? Let’s visit with the experts…


Michael Breus, PhD – The Sleep Doctor himself shares his years of experience and clinical pearls around sleep and how to get better quality shut eye. Considered the foremost expert on the subject, he helps make this topic crystal clear for us.

Shawn Stevenson – frustrated and beat up with back pain, Shawn was headed in the wrong direction at a young age. As a former athlete, none of it made sense. He dug into the literature and found some powerful leverage around nutrition and its effects on sleep. Now a best-selling author and authority on the topic, he shares his wisdom with us here.

David Perlmutter, MD – considered one of the most prominent physicians of our time, Dr Perlmutter’s work on brain health and its relationship with diet is foundational. Here he talks with us about brain health and its role in sleep and recovery.

Anna Cabeca, DO – Dr Cabeca is a renowned authority on hormone health and its impact on our vitality. Here, she helps us unravel how our hormones impact our sleep and how that has downstream effects on our overall health. Learn about Oxytocin, stress, progesterone, and DHEA amongst other things…

Day 5- February 23, 2024 – Mindset

Getting our heads wrapped around lifestyle as an “Operating System” is critical. Health isn’t something we “do” when “not health” sets in. It isn’t a correction to disease but more a way of life. How can we reframe our mindset to simply “live healthfully” all the time?


Alex Howard – Renowned therapist and trauma expert helps us understand self sabotage and negative self-talk when it comes to our health. We essentially know what to do but why don’t we start? Why are we not doing the things we know we ought to? Alex helps us unravel this.

Deborah Rozman, PhD – Renowned expert in mindfulness, Dr Rozman is the director of the Heart Math institute which has done an enormous amount of work on understanding coherent states of being. How can we step into our hearts and come from a place of ease and Vitality? It’s all about how we access these states and this makes all the difference.

Dave Rabin, MD – Dr Rabin is a renowned scientist who’s work on mind-body connection is changing the game. How can we use the “touch sensation” to influence our nervous system back to “rest and digest” versus “fight or flight?” Science has come a long way and we know definitely that staying in a Parasympathetic state helps facilitate Vitality. Let’s learn how to optimize for this. This is an incredible conversation about conscious awareness, feeling safe, and how to deal with trauma.

Noah Rolland – An amazing talk about the cultivation of Focus and attention in our lives. How do we stay on a diet or exercise plan? How do we stack good habits for the long-run? It’s all about our focus and that’s an area of neglect in our culture. Noah is an expert in the low tech and high tech strategies around this and helps us get more clarity in this fascinating talk.

Elliot Roe – World famous hypnotist to the stars and elite athletes, Elliot helps us understand how our subconscious mind plays a central role in our Vitality. What stories are we stuck on that keep us from success? What beliefs about ourselves are serving us versus taking us down. Elliot helps shed light on areas where our awareness has lapsed and that’s a powerful space to recover lost Vitality, focus, and energy.

Melissa Nau, MD – Renowned psychiatrist and executive coach, Dr Nau works with CEOs and heavy hitters to refine their mindset and get clear on their goals. Setting the table with the proper mindset makes all the difference in our vitality and Dr Nau helps us understand how to best frame our headspace and habits to ensure success. She shares some powerful new research in this interview!

Day 6- February 24, 2024 – A Healthy and Safe Home

We spend most of our time at home. What if we were getting poisoned in the very place we need to feel safe…the place to go to recover? It turns out that indoor air quality is 5x worse than outdoor air. The toxins in our furniture and carpets…our clothes and candles may be making us sick. Let’s help you make your home safe again…


Margaret Christianson, MD – Renowned functional medicine expert who’s suffered the effects of mold toxicity in her family and made it her mission to help her patients with this problem. Mold isn’t easy and the resolution of mold issues is often complex. Dr Christianson helps us unravel this problem and teaches us how to gain our Vitality back after mold and chemical exposure.

Warren Phillips – The “Non-Toxic Dad” was a geologist tasked with cleaning up toxic mining sites when he himself got sick. He spent many years working to get better as he found no help with traditional medical care. Warren has spent his life investigating the effects of environmental toxins on our health and helping people avoid exposure and detoxify from what’s already gotten through.

Austin Perlmutter, MD – functional medicine expert who’s spent the last several years studying the effects of air-born toxins for our health. Dr Perlmutter helps us understand how to avoid exposure, what to look for in our homes, and how to recover from these exposures so we could get our Vitality back.

Ryan Blaser – famous Building Biologist who’s helped countless people uncover the hidden exposures in their homes. From mold, the dust mites, to radon and EMFs, Ryan’s expertise in “diagnosing” a sick home is truly remarkable and needed in our modern era. He walks us through what to look for and how to test in all the important areas.

Nichols Pineault – Are EMFs truly that bad? What do they do and how do they impact our health? Nicholas has spent his career exploring the science on this and helps us unravel fact from fiction- truth from hyperbole. EMFs are real. What they do to our health is still under debate. How do we think about this and how do we safeguard our homes?

Ryan Sternagel – After receiving a cancer diagnosis for their baby, Ryan and his wife took it upon themselves to figure out what to do and how to help the child. The traditional medical model wrote them off but that’s not what they were willing to accept. They uncovered countless areas of concern in our homes and home goods that we need to consider in order to have a safe home.

Day 7- February 25, 2024 – More Energy, More Life

On this final day, let’s wrap it up by helping you understand that there’s a new scoreboard. It’s all about Vitality and resilience. It’s all about feeling our best and having abundant energy on a daily basis. Here’s how we live this way…


Jill Carnahan, MD – one of the most sought after functional medicine doctors in the world shares her pearls of wisdom on how to stay healthy and vital in a toxic world. Jill had to fight back for her own health and knows the struggle. She shares words of wisdom, inspiration, and some high leverage tips on how to stay vital.

Ryan Smith – One of the top biochemists in the field, Ryan left medical school to pursue the science of peptides and has become the world’s leading expert on True Age analysis. How old are we biologically? How can we extend that age and look at a different score board? Everything changes with this and Ryan is at the tip of the spear on this science.

Tom Malterre – A true pioneer in health and nutrition, Tom is the “speed dial” consultant to many of the most famous doctors you know. Tom is an expert on the wisdom of plants and literally wrote the book on the elimination diet. Let’s hear from one of the great voices in the field about how to maintain Vitality.

William Pawluk, MD – the utmost expert on energy medicine and PEMF technologies. This stuff works. It helps us heal faster and recover more quickly. What’s the role of energy and energy currents in our healing? The ancients understood this and now the science has caught up. Dr Pawluk is the leading voice in this space.

Scott Stoll, MD – the concierge doctor to royalty and stars around the world, Dr Stoll is tasked with optimizing the health and extending the lifespan of his patients. How does he do this? How do his patients eat, sleep, and what do they drink? Let’s look at the evidence-based protocols Dr Stoll uses in his own clinical practice.

Max Lugavere – a prominent journalist who got pulled into health because of his mother’s ill health journey, Max dug up the truth and found all the gaps in the healthcare system that were not helping. From “Diagnose and Adios” to drugs that didn’t work, Max painstakingly went through this journey and pulled the best lifestyle practices that science supports for his books and new film. He shares what he found here with us.

Catherine Clinton, ND – Dr Clinton has been at the forefront of the field of Quantum Biology and shares some powerful new research about how we generate energy with our own fascia using infrared light and how the microtubules in our brains are connected with the whole Universe. Science and spirit have come together in this riveting discussion.

Kevin Ellis – A Former Marine who was diagnosed with osteoporosis at way too young of an age. He refused to believe settling for drugs was his fate and began to research bone health and the causes. Not only was he able to heal himself, he’s now helped thousands of people reverse their bone loss and come back to Vitality.

Free Gifts for Attendees

There are a number of powerful free bonuses that are included with your registration so you can immediately begin to shift your health for the better. This includes:

Gift #1: A multi-paged fermentation guide

This beautiful 44 page color home fermentation guide will help you make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kombucha and much more.

Buying probiotics and some of these specialty items can be expensive. This guide will help you easily make them from scratch and enjoy the process!

Gift #2: Meditation tracks

We live in an age where the “Attention Economy” is making it too hard to focus on anything for long enough to get our desired results. This is a problem for career, school, and also health.

In order to stay on track with a diet, a workout regimen, supplement protocols, or even bedtime, we need to focus on our health…and that’s getting harder by the day.

That’s why Dr Pedram Shojai (NY Times Best Selling author of The Urban Monk) is offering a free tool for you today. It’s a powerful meditation track designed to help you focus better.

Gift #3: A colored food guide

The science is clear: we need a big variety of different colored fruits and vegetables to get the array of phytonutrients, polyphenols and antioxidants we need for true Vitality.

The problem is it’s hard to do this on a daily basis.

That’s why Dr Pedram Shojai created this amazing Colored Food Chart for you to tape to your refrigerator. It’s a great way to track foods by the various colors we want to consume on a daily basis.

It helps gamify eating the right foods with the family and really reminds us to keep mixing it up.

Gift #4: Three feature films:

Vitality is all about our perspective on health and the central role of lifestyle in our lives.
Origins examines where we came from and how environmental toxins and chemicals are impacting our health.
Prosperity follows the money and looks at how we can choose to spend differently to feel better and do better for the planet.

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