Vagal Toning Secrets for Mind-Body Health with Arielle Schwartz

Vagal Toning Secrets for Mind-Body Healing

Do you long to live a life that aligns with your true self? Do you yearn for deep healing of trauma or pain that has been with you for years so you can create your ideal life?

It’s within your reach to achieve a state of inner peace and emotional wellbeing, free of the underlying imbalance that drains your life force.

Your body — and in particular your nervous system — holds profound messages and wisdom for you. By learning to embrace your difficult emotions and pain, while tapping into the power of vagal toning, you can release blockages and experience a profound healing and inner transformation.

What You'll Learn During Vagal Toning Secrets for Mind-Body Healing

Clinical psychologist and somatic therapist Dr. Arielle Schwartz’s unique approach to trauma recovery, vagal toning, and embodied spirituality has empowered countless individuals to break free from the chains of the past and step into their full potential.

If you’re currently facing personal challenges — such as PTSD, complex trauma, chronic pain, burnout, or emotional struggles — Arielle’s work offers a powerful solution.

During this free online spiritual healing class, you’ll discover effective tools and practices to release the grip of trauma, restore your nervous system’s balance, and reclaim energetic vitality.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science and mechanisms of vagal toning — and how it can realign your nervous system, bridge the gap between brain and body, and restore you to a place of safety and authenticity
  • Understand the power of embodied spirituality that emerges when you dissolve the barriers that separate your body, mind, and soul
  • Explore how you can unlock the healing power of your body with practical tools and techniques rooted in somatic psychology, yoga therapy, and neuromodulation — and gain simple practices for effective self-regulation of your nervous system
  • Learn how poetic soul baths — poetry, breathwork, sound healing, and psychosensory interventions — can help you access deep layers of self-healing
  • Experience a unique breath-and-movement practice to take you out of survival-based reactivity, allowing you to turn toward your pain and embrace it

This is your opportunity to begin to tone your vagus nerve, optimize your life energy, and cultivate profound wellbeing from within.

You’ll liberate your vibrant self by tapping into the profound benefits of vagal toning to release long-held trauma and chronic pain, and achieve emotional and physical healing — allowing you to unlock embodied spirituality, authenticity, and wholeness.

About Your Teacher – Arielle Schwartz, PhD

Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II, E-RYT, is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified complex trauma professional, and Kripalu yoga teacher with a private practice in Boulder, Colorado.

An internationally sought-out teacher and leading voice in the healing of PTSD and complex trauma, Arielle is the author of six books, including The Complex PTSD Workbook, Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma, and The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook.

Arielle dedicates her life to offering informational mental health and wellness updates through her writing, public speaking, social media presence, and blog. Her integrative, mind-body approach to therapy includes relational therapy, parts-work therapy, somatic psychology, EMDR Therapy, and therapeutic yoga for trauma. She believes that the journey of trauma recovery is awakening the spiritual heart.

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