Upgrade Your Everyday Intuition - Energetic Clearing for Healing, Clarity & Confidence

Upgrade Your Everyday Intuition – Energetic Clearing for Healing, Clarity & Confidence

Your intuition is your birthright.

It’s also your most accurate and trustworthy guidance for zeroing in on what you yearn to be and bring to the world — your precious soul gifts.

If you want to live your best life, be more successful in your relationships, work, or community, or boost your health or creativity, harnessing your intuition is the key to discovering and manifesting the future you want.

For women especially, learning to access, translate, and trust this inherently feminine ability is perhaps the most important step toward self-empowerment.

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Benefits of Attending “Upgrade Your Everyday Intuition”

These days, intuition just might be the superpower that can help us repair and preserve the equal rights milestones that women have worked so painstakingly to achieve.

Yet, like many, your access to your intuition’s profound powers may be partially or even completely blocked.

You may feel trapped in a “busy mind” or life, overwhelmed by our troubled world, stifled by past traumas, or feeling too sensitive to face life’s harsh realities.

Or, if you are tuning in, you may find your intuitive hits sparse or illusive.

What Is “Everyday Intuition”

Mellissa Seaman, a much-sought after professional intuitive, business mentor, and spiritual teacher, uses practical systems that make recognizing and accessing your intuition easy — an everyday tool you can tap into at any moment to live with heart, integrity, joy, and success.

Mellissa demystifies intuition — without diminishing its magic — and helps you learn to trust your powerful inner knowing by refining its accuracy. And if you think you’re already an expert in this area, she just might surprise you with refreshing new perspectives.

Her proven approaches, which weave energy healing and shamanic wisdom with practical modern-day street smarts, have helped thousands worldwide — from entrepreneurs to family matriarchs — attain real-world results that range from boosting business success to creating and living a life in alignment with one’s gifts, values, and desires.

During this potent hour with Mellissa, you’ll learn how to optimize your intuitive intelligence for making an important life decision – and you’ll receive a powerful energy clearing to align the wisdom of your seven inner intuitive guides.

This Stanford-educated lawyer, who’s part spirit-woman and part energy clearing specialist, makes mining your intuition profound, practical, and playful.

Class Topics for “Upgrade Your Everyday Intuition”

  • Discover the 4 types of intuition (embodied, creative, integrative, and visionary) as important catalysts for a happy, successful life — and how you may be blocking them
  • Experience a powerful energetic clearing to dissipate blocks to your 7 Inner Teammates, align their potent wisdom, and gain clarity and confidence to make an important decision you’re pondering right now
  • Learn how your intuitive powers can be easily, practically, and successfully used in your everyday life — in work, creative endeavors, and relationships
  • Explore the 3 realms of spirit guides always available to you — and how to recognize and learn to trust these valuable helpers
  • Start to activate your intuition to unveil your soul gifts and become a much-needed healing force for these times

During this free online spiritual healing workshop, Mellissa will help you enter the space where the mystical and practical will merge.

You'll also experience a powerful energetic clearing to access the intuitive wisdom of your 7 Inner Teammates — and gain clarity and confidence to make an important life decision you’re pondering right now.

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About Your Intuition Teacher – Mellissa Seaman

Mellissa Seaman - HeadshotMellissa Seaman was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter. She was adopted, trained, and ordained by indigenous teacher Maria Yraceburu of the Tlish Diyan, learning to bridge ancient wisdom and intuitive practices into modern times. Her Soul Gift Quiz and system has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to identify their deepest gifts and best directions in life.

As founder and CEO of Channel Your Genius, an online school for creative professionals and business owners who are awakening to their true calling, Mellissa combines humor, depth, and the integration of emotional, embodied, and intellectual intelligence to provide guidance that bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence.

Mellissa has been recognized by lawyers for her early work in public interest advocacy, by her clients for helping them create products that do good things in the world, and by her Indigenous elders for being a Truth Speaker. Her heart is especially devoted to supporting professional women who are waking up to their deepest calling as channels of their own unique genius.

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