Tune In & Turn Up Your Intuition: Use your Empathy and Sensitivity to Merge into the Vibration of Oneness Consciousness & Overcome Turmoil

Tune Up Your Intuition

Have you ever felt the physical, mental, or emotional pain of someone else and instead of lifting them up your energy lowered to meet their vibration?

That’s the greatest challenge of empathy, say Rob Schwartz, a between-life soul regression hypnotist, and his wife, co-teacher, and channeler Liesel Fricke…

… but it’s also a great gift — once you learn how to attune to the higher vibrations of life such as love, joy, and peace and are able to maintain your vibration regardless of what’s happening outside of you.

Why Attend “Tune Up Your Intuition”

Tune Up Your IntuitionCompassionate wayshowers in this liminal time of personal and collective evolution, Rob and Liesel share a profound ability to help others reach their full potential by activating their intuition — and attuning to the greater plan for their lives.

This begins with a deep remembrance of their Divine virtues, which Rob and Liesel spark through meditation, hypnotic regression, and channeled messages from the Beings of Light.

You’ll gain potent tools that will help you attune to love, your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters as you as you explore the greater purpose of your empathic gifts.

With Rob and Liesel, you’ll raise your vibration through unity consciousness and the loving wisdom of the Beings of Light to accelerate your ascension, access more expansive frequencies, and catalyze the healing potential of your empathic and intuitive gifts.

What You'll Learn During “Tune Up Your Intuition”

During, Tune In & Turn Up Your Intuition: Use your Empathy and Sensitivity to Merge into the Vibration of Oneness Consciousness & Overcome Turmoil…

You’ll explore how to do just that as they share how you can begin to “turn the dial” to more expansive frequencies to infinite your intuition and empower your empathic and sensitive nature.

During this event, you’ll:

  • Explore how attuning to the vibrations of love, peace and joy can help you effectively work with the gifts of empathy and sensitivity
  • Learn how you can “turn the dial” to different frequencies using attention and intention — and start expanding your capacity for empathy and sensitivity
  • Be guided in a powerful meditation channeled by Liesel from the Beings of Light to open to the deep love of your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters
  • Discover the Divine virtues that we are are often working on as a soul choosing to incarnate at this time and era of ascension — allowing for greater ease and a release from suffering while here on Earth
  • Receive potent tips for how you can thrive as an intuitive empath or HSP during this tumultuous time of evolution

About Your Teachers – Rob Schwartz & Liesel Fricke

Rob Schwartz: Is a hypnotist who teaches internationally on the subject of pre-birth planning. He offers between lives soul regressions (BLSRs) to help people heal and understand their life plans. In a BLSR you can speak directly with the Council of Elders — wise, loving, and highly evolved beings who can tell you what you planned for your current lifetime (and why), how well you’ve fulfilled your plan so far, and how you may better fulfill your plan in the future.

Rob is the author of Your Soul’s Plan… Your Soul’s Gift… and Your Soul’s Love. His books, which have been translated into 26 languages, explore the pre-birth planning of all manner of life challenges as well as spiritual awakenings.

Liesel Fricke: After undergoing an enormous arc of personal evolution, Liesel Fricke, a mystic and channel, now helps people all over the world transform their own consciousnesses and lives through the workshops she co-teaches with her husband, Rob Schwartz. Liesel experienced firsthand that difficult life challenges can be powerful vehicles of transformation when we allow them to crack us open. In response to her own intense struggles with severe obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, Liesel opened and surrendered to the very depths of her being. The spiritual awakening that followed led to her capacity to connect with Unity Consciousness (Oneness) and the loving, wise beings that reside in this state of consciousness who she and Rob affectionately call the Beings of Light.

It is Liesel’s highest priority and greatest honor to share the profound love and wisdom of these highly evolved light beings in the messages, teachings, and meditations she channels. Liesel is thrilled to be working on a book with Rob based on many of these channelings. She is excited to share with the world the powerful love and insights that emerge from the sacred internal and eternal space where all are One.BIO

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