Transformation in Christianity's 4 Gospels - Alexander John Shaia

Discover the Mystical, Feminine Map to Transformation Hidden in Christianity’s 4 Gospels – With Alexander John Shaia

Are you feeling more hopeful these days?

Or, perhaps you’re in need of hope…

If you’re a seasoned seeker, you know that beyond hope there is something deeper… a way of being that helps us better navigate life’s difficulties — and welcome its joys.

Even experiencing incredible moments of awakening may not prevent us from slipping back into old patterns — if we don’t know how to embody their powerful transformative energies and weave their gifts into our lives.

To get to that sweet spot beyond hope, we need to learn to trust — our journey, life circumstances, ourselves, and that we will come to see the light in the darkness even in our most difficult moments.

In this profoundly illuminating hour with author and renowned thought leader Alexander John Shaia, PhD, you’ll discover the universal 4-path journey — recognized by every major spiritual tradition, from Shamanism to Judaism, and by mythology and psychology — as a powerful and reassuring guide to transformation for these times.

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Alexander John reveals uncommon wisdom about these mystical paths — profoundly feminine teachings hidden in Christianity’s gospels, many of which have been “lost” for over a thousand years — that illuminate a vital life map leading us to inner freedom, safety, respect, and a profound connection with God.

You’ll discover a way to live with a trust that is beyond hope in the face of change, loss, fear, overwhelm, and discontent — that's available and applicable to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, spiritual tradition, or no tradition.

You’ll also experience a powerful guided meditation — a journey of emerging from darkness into the dawn of a new day to access the beauty and power of the 4-path teachings and the ease and joy they can bring you.

Alexander John is an intrepid scholar whose inspiring perspective on the mystical feminine in Christianity’s gospels may best be described as very human and loving.

His lifelong practice of prayer, woven with his extensive knowledge of anthropology, psychology, spirituality, and ritual work, makes him a unique thought leader well worth getting to know.

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In this eye-opening spiritual class, you’ll:

  1. Discover the beauty and power of the 4-Path Journey underlying all great spiritual traditions — and how it awakens us to a deeper reality that liberates fear and cultivates trust
  2. Experience a profound guided meditation welcoming you into the rhythm of a 24-hour cycle as you imagine a dark time in your life, yet arrive at the dawn of a new day, feeling more grounded and at ease
  3. Excavate gifts for your transformation from Christianity’s mystical feminine teachings hidden beneath the shadow of patriarchy
  4. Learn how the Story of John may have been written by a woman
  5. Find out if you’ve been lured by The Dangerous Beautiful, Alexander John’s phrase for spiritual bypass or the inability to properly embody and express the high-voltage energy of awakening

During the hour, you’ll also learn about a brand-new 7-week online course with Alexander John.

In that spiritual course, you’ll be immersed in the powerful Christian teachings of the four gospels to experience the 4-Path Journey as a means to traverse inner and collective challenges with grace, courage, and assuredness… traveling beyond hope to a richer, happier, more purposeful life.

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About Your Spiritual Teacher – Alexander John Shaia, PhD

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Alexander John Shaia was part of a large extended family that had emigrated from Lebanon a generation previously. He grew up immersed in the ancient traditions of Middle Eastern Christianity (Maronite Catholicism) and was expected to become a priest, a family tradition since the year 1300. He was led otherwise.

Alexander John attended the University of Notre Dame and received a degree in Cultural Anthropology. Next came a brief time in seminary followed by a master’s in Counseling Education, a master’s in Religious Education, a graduate certificate in Pastoral Psychotherapy, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

His extensive psychological training across many modalities finally led him to Switzerland where he studied with Dora Maria Kalff, a Jungian analyst and founder of Sandplay Psychotherapy. Alexander John became the first U.S. man, and openly gay man, admitted to the International Society for Sandplay Therapy — and continues to serve as a senior Certified Teaching Member of the organization.

Returning to the United States, he undertook years of private practice, teaching parish and retreat ministry, and further study. Integrating his lifelong practice of prayer with many cross-disciplines — anthropology, psychology, spirituality, and ritual work — has shaped him into a unique thought leader, prolific author, and widely sought-after consultant, trainer, and inspiring keynote speaker.

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